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The Episode starts with Shailendra pulling off Govind’s moustache and showing the people. Govind says barber made mistake and gives an explanation. Titu asks Shailendra to stop it. Govind argues with Shailendra and explains the people that he is really Govind. He asks them not to believe Shailendra. Titu says Mathura people will decide about this matter, they all know Govind and his anger, his talk, behavior, can anyone copy him. Shailendra worries as people agree with Govind.

Titu says Mathura people will know Govind. Shailendra asks is tv news and govt wrong. Govind says I m alive. Shailendra says I can prove this is lie and asks Prakash did he read the news, that Govind is dead. Panchi says it was confusion. Prakash says I don’t know whats truth, I m glad if this man is Govind. Titu

says he is really Govind, I m his son Titu. Prakash says but Shailendra is also right, so I can’t help. Surekha says just this was left to see. They all come home and discuss the problem.

Titu says he has understood that situation is slipping from hands. Govind asks did he not think of any solution, they all know the situation. Surekha says it was small thing and turned into big. Titu says people are confused now. Rekha says Shailendra is trustee, so people will believe him. Mukund says we have to make Shailendra says Govind is alive. Titu says I got one idea, and tells them to hear it getting united. He says he has to start this now, that too from Shailendra’s home.

Shailendra asks his wife Mala to get tea for him. She gives him tea. He asks her to take some rest. Titu says he will become fake newspaper man. Surekha asks where will real newspaper guy go. Titu goes as newspaper go and Mukund and Vaishaili catch the real one. Titu delivers the newspaper.

Govind asks is it necessary Shailendra will read the news which you want. Titu says then Rekha will help us. Shailendra and Mala drink tea. Rekha goes there as the maid. Rekha fools her and cleans the table. She makes Shailendra sees the news. He reads about lottery. She gets angry as he holds her hand and leaves. Panchi teases Rekha. Govind says fine, he read the paper, how will he believe this news. Titu says Govind is smart, Bhagwati will make him believe this news and smiles. He looks at Panchi also and says Shailendra will go on shopping with Mala. Shailendra asks staff to come to break Surekha Sadan. Panchi and Bhagwati start acting and tell about lottery. Shailendra hears them.

Bhagwati says we heard lottery prize will go if person does not accept it in one day. Shailendra says that man did not come, its interesting. Bhagwati and Panchi apologize to act like Rekha and Surekha. Govind says fine, but whats the track in this story that I m alive. Titu says trust me. Govind says yes, but its about dad. Vaishaili asks Titu how will he make Shailendra say Govind is alive. Titu says Surekha will help then.

They make a fake lottery office and Golu sits to fool Shailendra. Shailendra comes there and asks Golu about the lottery winner. Golu does not tell him. Surekha sits crying there. Shailendra sees her and asks what happened. Surekha beats him as she could not get lottery. He asks what. She says Govind got the lottery, she can’t claim it now. Golu likes Surekha’s acting. Surekha says Govind is not getting lottery, if you have let Govind be alive, I would have given 50lakhs to me, now you are happy with that house, its just worth 30 lakhs. He asks what, and asks her to listen, he will announce Govind alive. She says then she will give him 50 lakhs. He asks what to do now.

Govind asks Titu will Shailendra agree now. Titu says yes, and asks him not to worry. Surekha brings Shailendra there. Shailendra apologizes to Govind, and says he knows Govind is alive, and apologizes to everyone. They all smile. Shailendra smiles and asks did they expect him to say this. They get shocked. Shailendra laughs and says you all used good plans and he understood it in morning. He says he will break this house now and says Titu has done great planning, next time he should work hard. He greets all of them and leaves. They all get worried.

Titu tells Keshav and Mukund that he can’t see Govind losing this house. Mukund, Keshav and Titu join hands to save the house.

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