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The Episode starts with Mukund talking to Golu. Golu praises him and asks what will happen in this round. Mukund says they have to make the jail inmates laugh, its tough. Golu thinks to inform Titu. Titu calls Golu and Mukund sees him. Mukund asks him what is he doing here. Titu says my wife stays here, so I m doing my duty. Mukund asks him to leave, he does not have pass for him in Kavi Sammelan. Golu says he will show the function to Titu. Mukund leaves. Titu says he can’t help Gulgule, Panchi will identify his lines. Golu says about the round and asks him to write the poetry fast, he will give it to Golu.

Titu sits and writes the good poetry, to make the jail people laugh. He gives it to Golu and says be careful, Panchi should not know it. Panchi comes to them and introduces Cheeni. She

praises Cheeni. Golu recalls how Cheeni fell on him. Golu says she is Panchi’s friend, so his friend too and shakes hands. Golu says he is Titu’s best friend. Titu says Golu and Mukund are managing the event. Panchi asks about him. Titu says if everyone is working hard, there should be someone to cheer for them, so I m the audience. Cheeni gets glad meeting Golu and talks to Panchi.

Surekha and Govind also come there and see Panchi. Panchi says she will sit with remand home girls, and Surekha gets sad. Golu calls upon the four poets and everyone clap. Ehsaan says congrats to them and they have performed well. He says about women strength and second round devoted to them.

Bhagwati talks to Sundar and hugs him. She tries to know the reason of his mischief. Rekha hears them and thinks Bhagwati can ruin her plan. Golu tells them that the round is easy, that they have to make people laugh, and its tough as the people are alone, away from family and in pain. He says its challenge to make the jail inmates/prisoners laugh. Everyone clap. He gives them time to write the poetry. Gulgule thinks of Titu’s words and makes excuses. Rajni keeps an eye on him. Gulgule gets the paper. Rajni tries to know who is cheating and who is the one who is helping. Titu sees Panchi and she asks him to smile.

Gulgule asks Rajni why is she seeing in his paper, does she always cheat. Cheeni says Golu will like me. Panchi asks her not to do anything wrong. Cheeni says she will dance. Gulgule talks to Rajni. Mukund says the time is over. He takes their sheets. Titu thinks his poetry reached them and smiles. Rajni coughs and Mukund gives her water. She puts the water on the poetry papers and Gulgule is shocked. Mukund recalls Rajni’s plan and they have decided to catch the cheater red handed and she made the plan to catch the helper, she has solid plan to spoil it at final time. He says he can tell her the round location, so that she can get any help. She says I don’t like cheating. FB ends. Titu worries and looks at Gulgule.

Titu and Panchi dance on the song Pardesia……………

Update Credit to: Amena

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