Tu Mera Hero 8th July 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Govind liking the decorations and says he wants to marry again. Surekha says she will not marry him. He says did he ask her, he has his school friend. She gets annoyed. He says he was joking. Vaishaili sees Panchi holding the stick. Golu’s family comes for the function and Cheeni greets them. Golu’s uncle thanks Govind for finding Cheeni for Golu. Panchi tells Titu that he is looking handsome. He smiles. She thinks she will make him laugh today. Rekha says our Golu is ready and asks for the girl’s side to get ready. A balloon maker comes and signs Vaishaili. He looks at the stick in Panchi’s hand. He goes to blow balloons and Panchi hears about the laughing gas.

Panchi gets an idea and fills big balloon with the laughing gas. Pinky teases Golu seeing the balloons.

They all smile. Titu asks the man did he finish work and pays the man money. Vaishaili asks the man to have sweets and bless the couple in the engagement. Titu says fine. She asks the man to take the stick when everyone get busy. Govind says we will start the time to start engagement. Panchi asks them to wait.

Sundar brings the big balloon. Golu says such a big one, he liked Cheeni’s surprise. Panchi asks him to aim at balloon and it has their ring, which Cheeni will make him wear, if he misses the aim, then forget Cheeni. They all laugh. Golu agrees. She makes the balloon hang. Titu is busy talking to Goyal. Golu asks for his help. They all ask Golu not to worry, and Golu aims praying. Govind guides him to shoot the arrow at the balloon.

It breaks and everyone clap for Golu. Golu says now Cheeni will be mine and they all laugh. Titu gets the ring and gives Golu. He says make her wear it fast. Keshav is annoyed with Titu. Rekha stops them and laughs. She says Golu can cancel engagement if he does not wish, as Cheeni is heavy burden. She says he is better single and laughs joking onm Cheeni. She says whats happening to me. Cheeni gets sad. Panchi worries. Bhagwati gets angry on Rekha and says she is sure that her tongue can fail snake’s poison.

Bhagwati laughs and asks did she drink poison in childhood thinking its juice. Cheeni comes to Rekha and asks what problem she has, Rekha is drunk. They all laugh getting their frustration out. Govind tells Surekha that Rekha does not understand what to talk and when. Everyone laugh. Surekha says Vaishaili don’t learn from Rekha. They all make fun of Rekha.

Panchi says she has seen Titu laughing like this after many days and she is glad. He says fine, but why are everyone laughing so much. She says they have said all their hearts out. The balloon makers laughs sitting there. Everyone laughs. Keshav brings his annoyance infront of Govind and laughs. Titu says no Keshav, you proved your talent, I have to prove myself after being lazy for 24 years. He rolls on the floor laughing.

Titu gets up and goes to Golu. Vaishaili laughs and wants the stick. Rekha asks Golu to make Cheeni wear the ring. Golu and Cheeni get engaged laughing. They take elder’s blessings and laugh. Panchi keeps the stick. Vaishaili sends the man to get it. Goyal comes and finds everyone laughing. Titu greets him. Goyal says he came on wrong time, they will keep meeting tomorrow. Titu says no, I don’t know why we are laughing, but I m serious about deal. Goyal asks him to enjoy and carry on. Goyal leaves. Panchi says this is magic, she did all this, she added laughing gas in the balloon, to bring Titu’s smile. Titu laughs and says so you did all this, and worries.

Titu tells Panchi that Goyal went back, and asks her is happiness more than work. Panchi says living life is imp than work. He says I was such before and she asked him to work.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Nice Episode.
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  3. Nice Episode.
    Superb Episode.
    Good Episode.
    Awosome Episode.
    Best Episode.
    Brillient Episode.
    ~~~”TU MERA HERO”~~~
    Nice Show.
    Superb Show.
    Good Show.
    Awsome Show.
    Best Show.
    Brillient Show.


  5. panchi.//…u sud put sindoor being a married woman why didnt u do that????…wohi. galti ho gyi tumse yehi..aur smile k liye uska kam k bich me interfr mat kar.baki awesm epi…


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