Tu Mera Hero 8th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Tu Mera Hero 8th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Titu and Panchi convincing Surekha and Govind to help them. Vaishaili talks to Rekha about Keshav losing big amount and Sundar. Bhagwati says no one will take my Sundar and hugs him. Rakesh comes there and says Sundar will go with him now. He asks Bhagwati to give Sundar, as no one wants Sundar to be here. He says Rekha does not want Sundar and Keshav will want money. He says he will return 10 lakhs when he gets Sundar, he will keep him as a king. Bhagwati says no. Rakesh asks Sundar will he come. Bhagwati says no, leave him.

Rakesh asks Bhagwati not to be adamant, she knows what he can do. He pulls Sundar’s hand. Keshav stops Rakesh. Panchi tells Titu, Govind and Surekha that she has an idea. Keshav says Sundar is his son, he does not any money and asks Rakesh to

leave, else he will drag him and beat him a lot. Mukund asks Rakesh to leave, and file any case, he will fight as lawyer. Keshav says Sundar is not his blood, but his son. Bhagwati and Sundar look on and cry. Rakesh leaves.

Titu, Panchi and elders see a media report on the tree having kesar rain. They smile. Titu and Govind talk about not believing it. Panchi says if a lie is told again and again, everyone believe its true. Titu says he has got an idea, Lord has shown a way, now he will make Mumbai come to Mathura. They smile. Surekha asks how will this happen. Titu says my talent will do this.

Sundar dances. Keshav thinks Sundar made a place in his heart, he has become his father, he was losing him. Bhagwati prays that they always stay united. Rekha says she is worried about money, how will they get it. Titu asks what is the tension. They all get shocked seeing Titu and everyone back.

Rekha asks how did he come so soon. Titu says he got way to earn now. Govind asks Keshav about Mishra’s cheque. Keshav thinks Govind will know it anyhow. Rakesh comes with legal notice and says Sundar will go with him. Mukund says don’t threaten us, I know this work, court will notice about Sundar. Govind asks Keshav who is this man, why is he saying nonsense in our home, why did he get lawyer, why will he take Sundar. Rakesh says I will say later, ask them about Mishra’s money. Govind looks at Keshav angrily.

Govind says they did not tell me. Vaishaili smiles. Titu says I know 10 lakhs is not a small amount, this goes on, Keshav and Bhagwati did this for Sundar. Titu supports them. Govind says he is proud of Keshav. He says Sundar is their grandson and no one can take Sundar from us. Vaishaili thinks is she seeing any Ramayana episode. Govind hugs Keshav. Keshav hugs Titu. Titu hugs Sundar and makes him smile. He asks Mukund to give any idea of bringing Mumbai to Mathura. They all smile.

Titu talks to everyone. Pinky suggests an idea. Titu says he wants a good idea. Panchi suggests Titu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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