Tu Mera Hero 8th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Titu laughing seeing comedy classes on tv. Panchi asks him is he excited or nervous. He jokes on the situation and laughs. She says maybe you are thinking wrong. He asks why don’t I get freedom. He says did I tell anyone to do this or not do, if dad likes to work, did I ask him to stop working and play flute, no, as its his choice and this is my choice, why does he not stop. Panchi looks on. Rachna serves the dish and smiles. Arvind and Manorama look on. She tells him her plan. He nods no and she still sends him. Rachna says everything is ready.

Manorama goes to kitchen and adds chilli powder. Rachna stops her and asks her what is she doing. Arvind brings Chetan’s boss. Rachna says don’t do anything that spoils Chetan’s respect and happiness and folds hands to

request her. She goes. Manorama starts crying to show his boss. Surekha wakes up and sees Govind sleeping. She says Titu will not work and goes to get safe keys from him. He talks in sleep and laughs. She sees him and does not care. He then wakes up and asks what is she doing. She gets tensed and sits by his side to massage his legs, asking him not to send Titu for work, she is unable to get sleep.

She asks did she come to say this and asks her to go and sleep. He rests to sleep. She smiles and sees the keys she got. She thinks she is not doing anything wrong, but just saving Titu. Panchi tells Rachna that she will send her food recipes and she can manage, Chetan’s boss will be happy, he will know you take good care of everyone. Titu looks on and smiles. He asks how does she make things fine and takes care of everyone. She says like you do, and he says Panchi is sweetest and best. She smiles and thinks he will also be best when he manages shop from tomorrow.

She says she forgot to switch off lights. He holds her hand and sings Na jao Saiyyan chuda ke Baiyyan………. And pulls her back. He says he will switch off the lights and asks for some papers. She gives him and he makes crushes papers, and then throws to turn off the switch. She says she is tired of old tricks. He says you don’t know so saying this. She says who told you. He says do and show. She aims and fails. He smile sand says try again. He laughs and she says fine, you are not teaching me. He says such a little girl, if I do this then lazy and good for you.

He says fine, get something heavy to paper to reach there. She says she will get from downstairs and he waits. Chetan works and Rachna asks him to rest now, he is working since long. Chetan says its good Sir stayed here tonight, I wish he does not have any problem, I feel he will give me education department, but anything will be fine. He asks is she not happy. She says no, I also feel it will be in your favor. He says his parents are serving him a lot. They wish everything good happens.

Mukund asks Vaishaili to go and sleep, and she says she misses him, and asks him to come with her. She says there is something special, come. Panchi comes out and Surekha also comes out of her room with the keys. Mukund and Vaishaili see her. Surekha sees the flowers and takes it. Vaishaili smiles and they hide. Panchi thinks no one can help Titu and thanks Lord.

Surekha goes to her room and does as Vaishaili told her. She sees Govind sleeping and puts flowers in the cupboard. Panchi says she got a flower and says they will learn downstairs, it will be fun. She takes him and he falls on her. They have an eyelock. They go down and she holds his hand singing the same song na Jao saiyyan……….. He smiles and says he will teach her. She aims the flower and he holds her close. Music plays………… He asks why is she shaking, and aim right.

They aim at Surekha’s room. Surekha comes out and they get tensed seeing her. Titu and Panchi hide and smile. Surekha goes back and is again doing the flower loading in briefcase by taking money. She locks the cupboard and keeps the keys back with Govind. She thinks no one can force Titu to work till I m here.

Govind is shocked as the man says you broke my trust and takes the shop papers back, by giving the flower briefcase back.

Update Credit to: Amena

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