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The Episode starts with Mukund talking to Govind and saying he is at bus stop and Titu did not come yet. Govind asks him to stay there and get Titu at any cost, as he should not run. Manorama hears this and says this is the matter. Rekha cries seeing how much Govind spent on the marriage and Titu has run away. Panchi asks Surekha is she happy with this marriage. Surekha thinks there won’t be any talk after this and excuses herself. Manorama asks Panchi to be careful, as she heard something. She says Govind was saying the groom will come. She smiles and says if I wanted, I would have cut your feathers, but fun just started.

Titu is in auto. Mukund talks to Vaishaili and asks her not to worry, as he will marry her. Keshav comes and Mukund says it was credit card people. They go to find Titu.

Panchi prays to Lord that her love should not get ashamed. Govind says its just 15mins, and asks Surekha to say where is Titu. He says then see everyone ruining my respect, when Kamlesh beats me with his slipper. Govind asks Mukund where did Titu go, get him anyhow in mandap. Mukund says we have to find him.

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Panchi says its just 10mins now. Kamlesh asks Govind is everything fine. Govind says yes, I was telling Keshav and Mukund to bring Titu, they will come soon. Manorama spreads the news about Panchi’s room run away. The guests gossip. Manorama asks Kamlesh about Chetan and Rachna’s marriage. Kamlesh asks Govind again. Govind says Titu will come. Panchi worries. The auto stops and the driver says he will repair it. The guest starts taunting Govind and asks Kamlesh about the groom running away.

Kamlesh is shocked. Manorama taunts Govind and Surekha, and says I m worried for Panchi, and taunts her. Govind folds hands to Surekha and asks about Titu, think about Kamlesh. Surekha says she won’t change her decision. Panchi looks at the mandap and waits for Titu. The guests start taunting her parents. Panchi leaves out. Govind asks Surekha to think of their respect. Panchi stands at the entrance of the venue. Sunil and Kamlesh ask Govind about Titu. Pratibha asks did anything happen.

Titu makes a heroic entry and Panchi and everyone are shocked. Panchi gets on the cart with him and they all smile. Tujhe dekha to ye jana sanam …………plays…………… The garlands falls on them. Surekha is shocked. Titu smiles. She thinks Panchi did some black magic on him. Kamlesh asks Titu about coming on horse and he came on cart. Titu says I m different. Manorama says I felt you run away and won’t come. Titu jokes and they all smile.

Keshav and Mukund come and are shocked seeing Titu. Manorama asks why do they look worried. Mukund and Titu taunt her in jokes. Mukund thinks its smart to save Titu now. Everyone clap for Titu. Pratibha does Titu’s aarti and pulls his nose. Titu jokes and they all laugh. Pratibha explain him the rituals. Titu says I can’t forget that I came to marry your daughter. He tells the importance of nose and jokes on Govind. Panchi laughs loudly. Rachna asks her to just smile, not laugh loudly, as she is bride. Manorama says no one cares for us here. Surekha looks at Titu. Titu smiles and looks at her. Govind says its mahurat time, come. Surekha thinks why did Titu come back.

Titu and Panchi take wedding rounds. Surekha looks on being upset.

Update Credit to: Amena

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