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The Episode starts with Govind pacifying and hugging Titu. The judge asks Titu not to lose hope and try next year. Govind, Panchi and Surekha ask the judges of the decision when they liked Titu a lot. The judge says Titu is very talented but he has to accept this. Titu says you liked my act, why am I not the winner. Govind says you clapped for him. Surekha says these scores and shows the papers. Titu sees the papers and they see Titu’s marks cut from 10 to 0. They get shocked. Titu asks them to see. Panchi asks the man who has done this, when judges gave full marks to Titu. A man comes there and says he has done this. They look at him.

Keshav meets Parekh at his home and asks whats all this, you know I have invested everything. Sundar asks do you know the school uncle. Keshav asks why is

he doing this, who is he. Bhagwati sees him, and says Rakesh, Sundar’s uncle. She drops the tray seeing him. Everyone look on. Rakesh takes Sundar and greets Bhagwati as Bhabhi. Keshav gets shocked.

A young man is on the stage, who is the owner of the car, with whom Titu argues. The man says I m producer of the show, Jatin Verma. Titu says you are big comedy king, maybe you did not see my act, I will show again. Jatin says I m not interested, you can’t become part of my esteemed show. He asks did his parent’s blessings not let him win finals, as you were shouting to boast about them, I was inside the car and heard everything.

Bhagwati says he is her brother in law. Rakesh says I thought you forgot me, I will take Sundar. She takes Sundar and gets angry. Keshav asks him to stop this nonsense, why did he not ask about Sundar till now. Mukund says forget to take Sundar, and explains him the rules. Rakesh says they did not know Sundar is alive, ask Bhagwati, decide it and I will take Sundar tomorrow. Bhagwati cries.

Jatin asks Titu to apologize to him, then he will change his life. He says he will be with him on this show, he will give him fame, and a new life. Titu refuses and says he realized he won’t become a bad man like him after earning money, I was your fan, but today I m not, you are comedy superstar, but a bad human being.

Titu says I will also shine, but not on sky, I will shine in people’s heart. Jatin says you are nothing, people take appointment to meet me, you think you will succeed, wake up, this won’t happen, you can’t make your life, you rejected my offer and locked all ways to succeed, take parents’ blessings and go home. Govind asks Titu to leave it. Titu says I m not wrong, Jatin earned all this by our love and he thinks he is Lord.

Govind says my son is talented but immature, don’t feel bad, I m ready to apologize. Titu stops him and says his dream is not more than his respect, he has talent to break his ego. Jatin asks do they just have emotional drama, he is Jatin Verma, I earned all this by my talent, no one could touch my TRP records. He asks him to go back. Titu argues and says he has his parent’s values, you will know it when I become big star by my parents’ blessings, this Mumbai will come to my city to hear me and accept me.

He asks him to see and smiles confidently. Jatin says alright, we will see, excuse me. Rekha is angry in Bhagwati and says I knew she is very cunning woman. She asks what did Rakesh say, whats the truth. She asks how could she hide about Sundar about her inlaws. Bhagwati says that was not a house, it was a jungle where animals used to stay, who tortured women, I was their bahu for 3months, and it was like hell for me.

She asks Rekha to say how would she stay there if she was in her place. She has hidden about her pregnancy, as she did not wish to make Sundar an animal like them, so she left to her Maayka after her husband’s death, she did not tell him about Sundar’s birth, but they got to know it. She says Sundar is my son. Rekha says but he is coming to take Sundar tomorrow. Govind talks to Titu and is angry. Panchi asks him to have food, then they will think. Govind says you have done so much to come here and now wants to go back. He asks them to see how donkey works. Titu asks him to eat vada pau and not request any donkey. They sit and eat food together. Titu and Panchi smile pacifying Govind and Surekha.

Surekha and Govind talk to Titu. Panchi says we can do one thing, make some announcement.

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