Tu Mera Hero 7th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Panchi and Govind planning to make Titu work. She says once he gets habit to earn, he will get rid of his laziness. She says I did not think before challenging Mukund, but this will make Titu independent, he will love the work when he earns well. He says we have to take care of his diet, else he will get fat sitting here. They laugh. Vaishaili tells Mukund not to worry, he will get job soon. He says how, people are asking strange questions when I went to ask for lawyer job. Rekha asks will he be jobless all his life. She says don’t worry, everything will be done.

Golu makes Titu have grapes and Titu says I m feeling this silence is strange which is signing of some storm. Golu says what will happen now. Titu says one solution is to leave. Panchi comes to her. He asks

did Govind agree, did he get his freedom. She says sorry, I did mistake. He says its fine, you understood I m not made to work. She says no, dad is adamant that he will make you work, he did not agree, I tried. Govind says he took the decision by thinking. Titu asks Golu to pinch him and wake up from this bad dream. Govind beats him.

He asks him to sit in the shop and asks him to know is work and not be too glad. He says you will be sitting at kirana shop and work there. He says your mum will be coming after two days and Titu smiles seeing Surekha come home. Titu asks Surekha to save him and runs to hugs her. Everyone see her and get surprised. Titu complains about Govind. Surekha asks what was he saying, he will make Titu sit in kirana shop. Govind says yes, I will do this, its decided, I will buy the shop and make Titu ready, come happily.

Titu says you are trying to make me spend, you can buy a necklace for my mum, than spending on buying the shop. Panchi says leave it. Govind says my decision won’t change now. Panchi smiles and recalls in FB that Surekha is coming, it will be hard to convince her, we have to think something big. He says show as if you are on her side and stop me, but I will not agree, then Surekha will feel that you are on her side. He says if she does not do this, Surekha will never let Titu work. Panchi says yes but I feel bad. He says I m sure once Titu works, he will get real happiness of life.

Govind signs thumbs up to Panchi and leaves. She smiles. Surekha pampers Titu like always and Govind does not care. Titu asks Mukund did he get job and talks to him. Mukund leaves in anger. Titu starts his humor talk. Panchi does acting and says she tried a lot to stop Govind, but now Titu has to go. Surekha says I made Titu run, so its not hard to stop him from going to work, its good my plan flopped and Titu married you, else we would have been punished like others. She sees Rekha. Rekha gets annoyed and leaves.

Panchi says yes, we should think something good, we will take money from safe and Govind can’t give advance and gives more ideas. Sureklha says no, this won’t work. Panchi says we have to think something to stop Titu from work. Vaishaili hears this and thinks something is fishy, why is Panchi stopping Titu. She talks to Surekha and says some remedy of giving flowers to Lord in temple and then her prayer will be fulfilled. Surekha asks her to go and not say anything, say this to Rekha, I don’t get in such traps. She leaves. Rekha comes to Vaishali and asks why did she help Surekha.

Vaishali says we have to stop Titu from work. Rekha says yes, I forgot. Vaishali tells Mukund that if Titu sleeps, our fate will rise. He says Titu will start earning from tomorrow. Vaishali says no, we have Tai ji, she is Titu’s biggest enemy and will make him remain lazy, wait for tomorrow and you will know. Surekha thinks about Vaishali’s idea and thinks what to do. She stays annoyed with Govind. Titu is worried. Panchi comes to him and gives milk. He talks to her and says he knows everything. She asks what. He says that you tried a lot, have this milk, you are tired. She says I will take other glass and he insists.

Govind explains Surekha and asks her to learn from birds, how thet make nests and fly on their own. She does not understand and goes to sleep on the ground to avoid him, Titu and Pamchi have a talk. They drink the milk insisting each other to have it. She tries to run and he says statue. She stops and Tujhe dekha to ye jana sanam……………plays……………… he comes to her and she smiles seeing him.

Surekha tries to take the safe keys and Govind talks in sleep. He asks what is she doing and wakes up. She gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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