Tu Mera Hero 6th July 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Panchi asking everyone to pay attention. She says Titu should come. Govind shows Surekha how Titu is working hard. Keshav gets angry. Sundar goes and calls Titu. Titu asks what now, haldi is done. Panchi holds the stick. Titu asks what happened. Panchi says evening started now. She says like they have seen kids dancing in sangeet and haldi, they will play game and make elders enjoy. She says they will pass the thing and when music stops. She says Golu and Cheeni will enjoy, and everyone has to play. They all clap. The game starts and Govind and Surekha stop each other, saying they will get thing. Panchi asks them to race and look for the thing. They compete like kids.

They show the sticks and Panchi gets confused seeing two sticks. Surekha says where did this come from.

Govind says I got the one you gave to Panchi. Surekha says it was one, I took it from Bhagwati. Sundar says he has seen Vaishaili bringing it. They all ask Vaishaili. Panchi asks her why did she bring second stick. Vaishaili says she got it for Rekha. Rekha says I liked it a lot and asked Vaishaili to get one for me. She laughs.

Golu says he feels he has seen this stick before. Govind asks where did he say. Golu says I don’t remember. Panchi thinks Vaishaili has some connection with this stick, she has to find out. They begin the game. They pass the stick and play the game. Surekha teases Rekha and Rekha tells about Surekha’s sweet nature. She says Govind is like watermelon, sorry. They all laugh. Bhagwati tells about Keshav, he is like breath for her and expresses love.

The game continues and Rekha says she will not make Surekha do anything. Panchi asks her to say. Titu says she has a chance now. Rekha says yes, right and asks Surekha to act like Govind. Surekha acts like Govind and Govind acts like Surekha. They all laugh. Everyone start getting out of the game. Govind gets the stick. Rekha says will anyone make Govind do anything and they laugh. Surekha tells Bhagwati that Govind used to say Mughaleazam dialogues and asks Govind to say few lines. Govind says we are real hero and heroine and says the film’s lines. She hugs him and they all clap. Panchi and Titu are left and they sit playing. The music stops. Govind tells Surekha that her son has won. Panchi has the stick in her hand and Titu wins. Panchi says she will lose for her hero, in style.

Panchi dances with the stick on the song Mere Saiyyan Superstar, mai fan bani unki………..plays………… Everyone smile. Titu and the ladies join her in the dance. Panchi makes the family dance together. Titu gets happy. He sees the idol making work going on and goes there. Panchi looks on as he runs from the event, and saves the idol from falling. She sees all the couples dancing and Titu gone.

Titu makes Panchi ready and goes for work. She gets sad seeing him working round the clock.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow supb epd love panchi and titu

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