Tu Mera Hero 6th February 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with everyone dancing in baraat. Manorama tells the guests that she did all mandap arrangements. Arvind asks why is she saying so. She says Govind did all this for Panchi, but we should utilize it. Surekha sends Bhagwati to get kumkum. She gives pearl necklaces to everyone. Rekha’s necklace breaks and all pearls fall. Surekha says she will do tilak to Titu. Rekha and Mukund get busy in picking the pearls. Pratibha pulls Chetan’s nose and they laugh. Manorama asks Kamlesh about Titu’s baraat. Surekha does the tilak to Tit und cries. She does the aarti and hugs him. Govind asks Mukund about Titu. Mukund says he will be here.

Mukund asks Titu’s friends about him. Golu says maybe he went to bathroom. Mukund says I will go and see. Govind asks Surekha why did the palanquin

not go till now. Surekha asks them to take it. He asks what are you doing here. She says you told me to give velvet cloth. He asks the men to take the palanquin. She smiles seeing Titu go in it, and recalls how she fooled Rekha. Govind comes to know Titu is not in room and scolds Surekha. Rekha asks Mukund to find him, as its about his life, and says I mean Titu’s life.

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Titu is on the way. Govind asks Golu and Titu’s phone is there. Govind scolds Golu and Surekha. Kamlesh calls Govind and asks him about baraat. Govind tells Surekha that many things are at stake, he will not leave them. Rekha prays that Titu is found soon. Govind sends all relatives and says Titu will come with his friends. Manorama taunts Kamlesh about Titu not coming till now. Panchi says yes, its late, maybe Titu is surrounded by his loved ones. Titu plays the people and asks the man to get auto for him. he says its my marriage, give me as a gift.

Govind asks Mukund to find Titu at any cost. Titu goes to bus stop. Govind tells Surekha not to talk to him all life if Titu does not come. He gets Kamlesh’s call and says we are reaching, we are on the way. Surekha thinks Titu would have gone. Govind thinks where did Titu hide. Titu asks the auto driver to drive fast. Govind tells Surekha that its about someone’s life and respect, tell me where is Titu. She says she does nott know. The baraat comes and Kamlesh likes it. He welcomes Govind and Surekha. He asks where is Titu. Govind is tensed. Rekha says she is worried as Titu did not come. Bhagwati says Titu will come. Rekha wishes she wins. Everyone look on as Manorama taunts on the groom missing. Govind says he will come, his friends have got a beautiful horse and he is coming on horse while dancing, it will take some time. Kamlesh says you all come till then. Govind gets worried and wishes Titu to come.

Kamlesh comes to know that Titu has run away. Manorama taunts them. Kamles asks Govind about Titu.

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