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The Episode starts with Surekha asking Govind not to get sad. They all suggest Titu to talk something from his heart and they have a laugh. Titu sees a guy not getting selected and sad. Govind asks about the judges inside, now his son is going. The guy says best of luck. Titu is called next. Govind fixes the badge and blesses Titu. Titu takes their blessings and they go inside. Keshav says Parekh did not meet me and goes to hotel. He comes to know Parekh has checked out of hotel and panics.

Titu goes on the stage and everyone clap for him. Panchi signs him all the best. He recalls Panchi’s words and greets the judges. He entertains them and says they called him to get a handsome comedian. They all laugh. Rekha is serving Bhagwati. Keshav comes worried. Bhagwati asks is he worried. He says

nothing, don’t make food for me. Vaishaili asks whats the matter, are you not able to manage shop, Mukund will help you. Rekha laughs.

She says don’t worry Keshav, when problems come, person knows his strength, you will manage. She asks Bhagwati not to worry and makes her eat badams. She asks her to make ghee halwa for Keshav, it will calm his mind. Vaishaili argues with Rekha and leaves. Rekha asks Mukund to manage his wife. Mukund leaves annoyed. Titu says his mum agrees that he is handsome, not his dad. She tells about his dad, who never agrees for anything he says. Titu entertains the judges and they like Titu.

Titu says the difference between old times and new times. He says love did not have confidence in old times, and in today’s time, its much easy and confident. Govind laughs aloud. Titu says it was tough to ask a girl’s name, girls were shy that time, and today things have changed, the girl will ask the guy does he love her. She will flirt with him and introduce herself and give her number asking him not to call, and giving address asking him not to come, saying her dad is strict and not at home today.

He says about movies of old times and new age movies. He introduces Surekha, Govind and Panchi and the judges ask them to come on stage. The judges praise Titu and say he has won their heart by his honest talk. They wait for the results. Bhagwati sees Keshav worried and pacifies him. He cries and says everything is over. He says he lost, the man cheated me and run away with money, I will lose name, I broke Govind’s trust. She says you worked hard, it is big loss. She hugs him and thinks who is that man to ruin Keshav.

Titu is called on stage and result is announced. The winner of the laughter show is Karan. Titu and everyone get shocked. They all get sad. Titu says judges liked my performance. The man says better luck next time.

The judges ask Titu to accept that he lost. Titu says you liked my performance. He gets the marks paper. Surekha asks how can you announce any other winner.

Update Credit to: Amena

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