Tu Mera Hero 6th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with everyone having lunch. Panchi and Vaishaili serve the food. She asks Titu to cheer up Govind by going to shop with him. Titu smiles and jokes on Panchi. He says she wants me to sit on shop, when you and Keshav went out of Mathura, I had to manage shop and reminds what happened. FB shows Titu sitting in the shop in Govind’s shop and asks Golu to attend the customers. He eats sweet jalebis and praises the sweetmaker, asking the customers to have it. Everyone come to have sweets. Titu thinks they have come just to have this and asks Golu to bring more. Govind comes and sees it. the sweetmaker comes and says his sales increased because of Titu.

Govind says yes, people used to buy jewelry for Lord and then have jalebis. Titu says yes, and now things changed. Govind says

Surekha and Titu always tortured him, they don’t listen to him. Titu jokes and Govind gets angry. He says Panchi asked you to work, so you have to. He leaves. Titu says dad listen to me and asks Panchi. She goes. He stops her and asks did she vow at time of marriage to make him work, can’t she see him happy, when Surekha knows this, she will be sad. Panchi says I know. He says bring me out of this, convince dad please.

Bhagwati comes to hospital and says she wants to conceive a baby, she does not need any medicines now. She says she is seeing many changed in her husband towards her and Sundar. She says everything will be fine soon. Arvind asks Manorama not to do anything. She asks him to act with her, as she is thinking for him too. They both spoil their hair and wear cheap clothes. He asks does she remember Chetan’s boss face. She says yes, come.

Govind talks to Panchi and says I know Titu has sent you. She says yes, I said yes to keep his heart, but I want him to work. He says the work should interest him, and it should not be heavy work. She sees Chowdhary Garage and imagines Titu working there. She takes food for him and he says he is very busy. She makes him sit and have food first. She smiles dreaming this. She tells Govind to see the garage and he too visualizes Titu working there and it can be simple work.

He then sees Titu sleeping and says no, not Garage, he can’t do this work. Arvind and Manorama see Chetan’s boss and his wife. They go to them and say they need work, and they will lift their bags. The lady says you should not work in this age. Manorama says we can’t beg so thought of doing this work. The man gives them money and Manorama refuses. Govind and Panchi see some shops. They see some businesses and think where can Titu fit. She sees Titu working in bangle shop and getting friendly with ladies. She gets sad and says no. Govind says I understood and laughs.

Chetan talks to his boss and introduces Manorama and Arvind. His boss sees them and says they here. Chetan says he is my boss and she is his wife. Rachna says freshen up and I will arrange breakfast. Manorama says they will eat later and they act to be pity. Bhagwati’s medicines fall. Keshav bends to take it and she takes it. Sundar leaves. Keshav asks her about the medicines. She gets tensed. She says my vitamin tablets. He says fine, keep them away from Sundar. She says fine. She asks him to come and have food. He goes. She worries seeing medicines.

Manorama and Arvind try to show Chetan’s boss a wrong picture of Rachna and they don’t even have food. She says Rachna is not so bad and calls Rachna as Madam. Panchi and Govind buy a water bottle. The man charges 10rs extra and she returns it. She says its govt rile, they can’t charge more than MRP. The man says its just one shop, they won’t get any such shop and will come back again. Panchi and Govind get an idea and turn to see Titu sitting in the shop as owner and counting money, doing easy work of selling water bottles and ration. They smile.

Govind says he did not make Titu work because of Surekha, but Panchi got a new hope, he will become strict now, this is the only way to change Titu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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