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The Episode starts with Rekha and Vaishaili seeing tv and fighting over the remote. Surekha and Bhagwati smile. Rekha says she will complain to Mukund. They don’t see the breaking news about the businessmen meeting. Surekha takes Rekha and asks her to help her. They see the neighbors coming to their house. The ladies hug Surekha and ask her to calm down, as Govind has died. Surekha shouts no and cries. Rekha asks what is she saying. Suman says Govind’s name came on tv, as there was gas cylinder burst in business meet. Surekha cries and Rekha consoles her. Mukund is shocked.

Govind comes there and asks why is the crowd here. He asks what happened. Surekha hugs him and thanks Lord that he is fine. He says people are seeing. She says let them see, I was dying hearing your death news. He

asks what, again. The man asks how did he get saved. Rekha scolds the man. Surekha asks Govind to make her wear mangalsutra. Govind asks her to wear it. Mukund hugs Govind.

Govind says I will say how I got saved. FB shows Govind sees Chaurasiya and asks him to repay his money. Chairasiya runs and Govind runs after him. He says his ration card was there, so his name came on TV. Titu says last time Panchi saved me after such fake news came. Govind says thanks for coming, don’t worry so much. He asks the barber to do his haircut, he will go and change clothes. Its night, Panchi, Titu and all the family control laughter seeing Govind’s moustache removed. FB shows Govind asking the barber not to cut his moustache as its his pride. The barber talks to him and cuts half of it. He gets tensed and Govind gets angry seeing the mirror. He shouts no. Everyone start laughing. Govind also laughs.

Its night, Govind wakes up Surekha and says you used to love my moustache and now not even seeing me, I m feeling alone. Surekha laughs and says she felt like seeing a stranger. She teases him.

Its morning, a man comes and asks Rekha did she know Govind. Rekha asks what work he has. Govind gets fake moustache and shows Surekha. Panchi says they have to clear that he is alive, it’s a problem. Titu asks why is she caring, they know he is there with us, leave the paperwork. Panchi says no, big problem can come, we have to follow system. Rekha says I m Govind’s relative. The man tells Rekha that Govind’s family will get compensation. Rekha thinks she will receive it, and signs on the form. Govind says he will go next week. Panchi says no, we can’t be late. Surekha agrees with Panchi. Govind says fine.

Govind, Titu and Panchi come to the govt office to clear the misunderstanding. Govind says we want form to prove he is alive. No one attends them, and Govind scolds them angrily. Panchi gets tired and says she got the stamps. She asks the man to accept the form. Govind says we have told you, and you made us go to every counter. Titu says we will do as you say. Govind scolds them. Panchi says its okay, sorry. The man says come after 2 hours, its lunch break. Govind says its 12, lazy people, you all want money. The man asks watchman to kick out Govind. Govind says I m alive and don’t need any stamp.

They come home. Govind says I will not go there again, whats the use to show any proof. He asks Surekha to give tea. Surekha says fine, I understand you got troubled there. Few men come and ask for Surekha, Govind’s wife. He tells Surekha that Govind had made will that after his death he will his home to our NGO trust. They all get shocked as the man says we have come to takeover this house. They all get shocked.

Govind says its his house. The man says Govind can prove that he is alive, then they will stop. He says he will break the house and tells him the importance of following rules.

Update Credit to: Amena

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