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The Episode starts with Gulgule saying some old poems and leaving the stage. The people ask him for anything new and complain that its last year’s poet. Ehsaan gives marks to all of them, and Golu asks Ehsaan to announce the winner’s name. Ehsaan says thanks a lot, congrats as you all love poems and poets. He says a poem on the Daroga and corruption. Ehsaan announces the winner Rajniganda. She gets glad and receives the bouquet. Everyone clap. Gulgule does not get any prize and Golu worries for him. Ehsaan ends the round here and says we will have second round tomorrow, the audience will be different, its suspense and time will show it.

Mukund tries bonding with Rajni and says he is her fan. He gives her a betel and she thanks him. She gets the chit in it and reads the poem Titu has written.

Gulgule asks Titu where did the poem go. Titu says I told you to take the betel and you refused. Gulgule asks will you teach me now. Titu says it is not his mistake. Gulgule gets angry and acts sweet to him, as he needs Titu’s talent. He says don’t make mistake tomorrow and goes. Titu says he wrote poem with much heart and hardwork, no one can heard it.

Ehsaan reads the poem and says its very interesting, who wrote this. She says don’t know, it was hidden in betel, someone is cheating in the contest. Mukund says yes, even I feel this. Ehsaan says people’s trust will break if they know, we should find it secretly, this man can fail all the big competitors here, we will see whom is he helping, and this man can make anyone laugh. Rajni says yes, competition should be tough. Mukund says he will find her and thinks he will impress Rajni and get his work done.

Cheeni is glad and asks Panchi about Golu. Panchi says he is my husband’s brother type. Cheeni plans her marriage. Panchi says control, let me talk to Golu once. Cheeni asks Panchi why is her husband not freeing her. Panchi tells everything. Mukund likes the poem and tells Golu that cheating is going on in this contest. Golu acts and asks who is doing. Mukund praises the poet. He says the handwriting is so bad and looks like any illiterate has written this. Golu says you are insulting me. Mkund says what. Titu comes and asks Mukund why is he calling Golu illiterate. Mukund says I m saying to this writer. Titu makes excuses. He leaves with Golu.

Cheeni cries and hugs Panchi, that she has done so much. Panchi gets suffocated by her hug. Cheeni says sorry, will you make me meet Golu. Panchi agrees. She thinks we all will be together in few days and smiles. Rajni tells Mukund that she will nab the talented guy in the second round. He asks what will she do. Gulgule’s men hear this and get worried. They think to inform him. Golu brings tiffin for Panchi and says Titu has work today, he will come tomorrow morning. Panchi gets glad and thinks Titu will come soon to take her home.

Panchi talks to Golu and asks him what kind of girl he wants and he describes her. He says she should be unique, and the love should be special, something like them. Cheeni hears him and smiles. Panchi says fine, I will find a good girl for him. Golu gets shy. He asks where will she find. Panchi says jail. He asks in jail? Cheeni says yes. He says he heard some voice. Panchi says there is no one. He asks will she find girl in jail. She says jail has some genuine girls too, like I m here. He says right. Cheeni smiles.

Panchi talks to Titu and they come to know the second round of Kavi Sammelan is in their jail. Titu is shocked.

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  1. Wow..Now panchhi will know the truth..Even everyone else will also know the truth they will award him with the Kavi trophy….Awesome show…

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