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The Episode starts with Rekha saying she will go to Panchi’s house with shagun jewelry. Govind says fine and asks Bhagwati to go along. Keshav tells Surekha about the things needed. She gets annoyed and says she has much work. Titu looks on. Rachna wears shagun dupatta and Manorama gives her jewels. She taunts Panchi and asks did her inlaws bring anything for her. Rekha and Bhagwati come and give shagun chunri and jewelry. Manorama is shocked seeing the jewelry. Rekha says Surekha has sent this. Titu greets Alankraj Maharaj. Sunil scolds him and pushes him in his feet.

Maharaj blesses Titu and says you are stepping in happy phase of marriage. Surekha says give blessings to Sunil also. Sunil greets him, and Surekha asks him to kneel down and touch his feet. Titu smiles. Govind thinks Surekha

may have some plan in her mind. He sees Keshav not doing any work and asks him. Keshav says Surekha did not give any items for decoration. Govind scolds Surekha. Surekha takes Titu and goes.

Pratibha says she has sent Rekha. Manorama gets jealous and scolds Pratibha. She hears Govind is spending a lot in marriage, there is some secret and have to find it.

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Titu gets up and Mukund keeps an eye on him. He leaves food. Titu says relax, I won’t go leaving food. Sunil says the dish is not spicy and Surekha taunts him that his tongue is very spicy. Bhagwati serves food to everyone and then goes to Keshav. He says he does not want, he has eaten food. Titu says give me his share of food. She smiles and serves Titu. Titu asks him not to be sad, as Keshav eats less since childhood, when he is hungry, you also don’t give him food. Keshav asks about shagun chunri for palanquin. Surekha says how much will you decorate it. She says she will make Titu have food.

Titu asks her when will I run. Govind hears this. She says she will manage, and asks him to get ready. Panchi dreams of Titu making her ready and smiling. Rachna comes and Panchi’s dream ends. She says my fairy’s makeup looks dull, I will make you ready and bring a good maang tika. Titu gets ready for his marriage. Mukund keeps an eye on Titu. Titu cracks joke and they laugh. Mukund says today your baraat will go anyhow and takes him. Panchi arrives to the wedding hall with her family. She likes the decorations.

Kamlesh says lets go inside. They all are stunned seeing the amazing decorations of Panchi’s dream wedding. Rachna says its your dream boat. Panchi recalls Titu. She asks how did this happen. Kamlesh says Govind came to know about your dream, you are lucky, he got this arrangements done. He recalls in FB about Govind taking permission from Kamlesh to do some arrangements according to Panchi’s dream, after hearing Panchi and Rachna’s talk. Kamlesh was very happy. Rachna says not bad. They smile. Panchi dreams of her wedding with Titu. Tujhe dekha to ye jana sanam………….. plays…………..

Surekha asks Titu to be ready to run, don’t worry, I will do anything to make you run, come with me. Mukund stops them and offers help. Surekha says Titu wants to have chaat, go and get it, else old this plate, this is enough. Govind asks is all arrangements done. Keshav says yes, but Doli is no going, because of Surekha. Govind scolds Surekha ad she goes. He thinks he knows her plan, that she dislikes Panchi and does not want her to come.

Surekha asks pandit to take Titu in the Doli/palanquin. Titu sits in Doli and leaves. Govind looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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