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The Episode starts with everyone praying in the house. Titu and Panchi takes Rekha’s blessings. Rekha makes them eat curd and wishes them all the best. She says Titu is going Mumbai, they are sure he will become big artist, and asks him to eat vada pau on her behalf. Titu says he will send it for her also. Rekha blesses him. Pratibha blesses them and hugs Panchi. Surekha gives the keys to Bhagwati and asks her to manage the home. Rekha and Vaishaili look on upset. Rekha asks Surekha will she joke on her while going. Surekha says Rekha is the spice of my life, and hugs her. Rekha asks her to take care, and makes her have curd sugar.

Mukund says he is very happy, win and come, and get a good phone for me. Titu hugs him and asks him to be happy. Govind prays. Bhagwati asks Titu to take care.

Govind says we shall leave now. Rekha says she was saying about shop …. He nods and smiles. He asks Keshav to manage the shop, as he is the only one, he is my elder son. They all smile.

Govind says he has kept him away from his rights, it does not mean e doubts on his talent, Keshav has managed the shop well and balanced it. He says he did mistake before and give him shop keys and asks him to manage his shop, amd forgive his old Tau ji. Keshav says no, I just want your blessings. Govind hugs and blesses him. Everyone smile.

Golu asks Titu to come, car is ready. Titu hugs his friends. Sundar says he will miss Titu a lot. Many people come to bid adieu to Titu. Titu tells them that he will make Mathura’s name shine in Mumbai and thanks all of them. He talks humorously. They all leave for Mumbai and reach the comedy audition place.

They see girls wearing skirts. Surekha covers her eyes. Titu laughs and says they came on right place, Ehsaan has called him in direct final round, so there won’t be any queue here. Titu shows the entry pass and asks the man. The man says Ehsaan has told him, and asks the girl to give final badge to Titu. Panchi and everyone send Titu. Titu smiles and goes inside. The girl asks him to fill registration form and gives the badge, asking him to wait, as there is time for final round. Titu says its done, and shows the badge. Panchi asks him to get to number 1 position.

Titu sees Surekha sweating and asks Govind to sit with her in garden, mum is getting tired. Panchi says she is with Titu and asks them to go. Panchi and Titu have a laugh. Keshav talks to Parekh and says he will do payment and delivery soon. He gets another call and leaves.

Govind holds Surekha and romances, asking her to let anyone see. Rekha comes to Vaishaili and Bhagwati and shows the chaat. Vaishaili says you are so nice, I was hungry. Rekha says no, its for Bhagwati, my lovely bahu. Bhagwati is stunned and asks is she fine. Rekha asks her to eat the chaat and acts sweet to her. She says Vaishaili will do all the work, and asks Bhagwati to rest. Bhagwati smiles understanding its all because she has the house keys.

Govind and Surekha see the car and have a talk. He asks her to pose there, and takes her pic. They take a selfie. The car’s driver scolds them. Govind says sorry, my wife liked the car, so I took the pic. The girl announces about final round delayed. Panchi says they will go and come. The driver asks Govind to delete the pics and takes his phone. Govind asks what is he doing. The driver pushes Govind. Titu and Panchi come there. Titu holds Govind and gets angry seeing this. He scolds the driver and asks does he not have manners.

The driver argues and taunts them. Titu scolds him and gives Govind his phone. The car owner sees this and tells something his driver. The driver tells Titu that his sir said its not your mistake, its tough to manage old people. Titu says he pities on your owner, he did not get parents’ blessings, give pity to him, he needs it.

Surekha, Govind and Panchi ask Titu to do anything which is close to his heart.

Update Credit to: Amena

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