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The Episode starts with Golu asking Titu to think something. Cheeni prays to meet her mango man. Panchi prays that Titu succeeds in whatever work he is doing, and what talent he has should reach the goal. Titu says he got the lines and Golu notes down. Titu says the poem and they laugh. They explains about the word Daroga well and gives good examples. He tells about Govind, whom he calls Daroga, his scoldings have love. He sees Govind and Surekha there and gets emotional. He cries and Golu shows the poem. Gulgule’s assistants praise him. Titu asks them to give this to Gulgule. They ask Golu to give it to Gulgule on stage. Golu says fine. Mukund comes and Titu hides. Mukund says he has to do work, come. Titu has the paper and Golu goes. Titu says this poem is here, how to give it to Gulgule.


has stomach ache and hides her face from Govind and Surekha. She gets her saree stuck there and sees Surekha and Govind coming. She hides. Surekha says she will have Golgappa and they come to the stall. Rekha serves them the Golgappas and Surekha sees her bangles. Rekha removes it and Govind says there are no bangles. Cheeni shows her mango man. Panchi says Mukund. Cheeni says that in brown kurta and shows Golu. Cheeni runs to meet Golu and pushes Surekha. Govind holds her. Panchi slips and Titu holds her. Cheeni runs like a bull and hits Golu. She falls on him. Govind and Surekha romance and smile.

Cheeni smiles seeing Golu. Golu gets up and holds his waist. Mukund asks what happened, come and takes him. Titu and Panchi does not recognize each other. He goes. Panchi asks Cheeni to come. Panchi says she knows him, his name is Golu, I will make you talk to him later. Panchi sees Surekha and Govind and leaves. Golu starts the program. Gulgule signs him about the poem. The poets say their poets, and everyone enjoy the poems, though they are not humorous like Titu’s Ehsaan says his comments on the poems.

Titu comes there to sell his Paan/betel and gives them the Paans. He passes the poem to Gulgule and does not recognize him. Titu says he has special paan for him and Gulgule refuses. Titu goes close to him and says there is poem in paan. Gulgule pushes him. Rajni says fine, give him the paan, my identity is by my talent. Titu insists and Gulgule refuses. Mukund asks Golu to announce next poet’s name. Titu leaves.

Sundar sits sad and Rekha comes to him. She talks to him and fools him to do as she says. He says he will do anything to end mum and dad’s fight. She says good and smiles. Gulgule calls Rajni for the round and she entertains everyone. Ehsaan says congrats, it was good one. Golu calls Gulgule finally and everyone clap to welcome him. Titu looks on from far and worries. He thinks he should take paan along.

Rajni gets the chit in the paan and asks who has written this. Gulgule asks why did he not get the chit. Titu says I told you to take the paan and you missed it, refusing again and again.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think Titu should also become a Kavi /poet and entertain plus teach everyone good things in a good manner…Now for four days he will do this job for gulgule and then when panchhi will know she will tell titu to become a poet and entertain and teach everyone …This the talent that Titu has …only he has to identify it…..

  2. Thanks Amena for the Update

  3. I just love this serial!!!!One of my favourite serials….

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