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The Episode starts with everyone grinding the haldi for the function. Surekha asks Panchi not to break her legs waiting for Titu and laughs. Rekha asks Sundar not to play with stick and he runs with it. Sundar plays with it. Titu comes home and says he has come here to see the arrangements, as dad has told him. Panchi asks did he not come for her. He says this is for you only. He asks Pinky to do some decorations. Panchi takes some haldi and signs Surekha. She goes to Titu and he turns. The haldi falls on Panchi and they all laugh.

Titu applies haldi to her face and gets a call. He says he will go for work. He says she is looking very beautiful with haldi and leaves. The client comes to the shop and says its good he came here and did not miss this experience. Titu talks to him and impresses him.

Keshav says we did not deal with idols before. Titu says this time we will do, and it will be ready tomorrow morning. The man says I think you will win this deal. Titu says he wants to win his heart. The man says Govind, your son will become great businessman. Govind thanks Lord. He comes home and brings gajra for Surekha. She asks why is he so happy.

He says Titu is working very well and seeing people praise him, he is getting more proud, its his dream that people know him by Titu’s name. She says his dream will be fulfilled. She asks did he not see change in Titu, he is not the same Titu now. Govind says this is good thing, I m happy, I want all bad habits of old Titu to go, we wanted this and this was Panchi’s dream, now her son will do work and we will support him. She smiles. He leaves. She thinks Titu has forgot his happiness, she is afraid to lose Titu’s smile.

Rekha brings the stick and shows Vaishaili and Mukund, she did much work to find this. Vaishaili smiles and says this stick is fake, its not opening. Rekha says yes. Vaishaili says she has kept this to get the real one. She says if Rekha could not identify, it means no one will identify. She says she will replace the stick. Rekha thinks Vaishaili is very smart and hides many plans. Sundar shows the planets drawing to Bhagwati. She asks him to draw well. Keshav comes home. Sundar asks Bhagwati to come and see. She says later.

Keshav asks him to make well and show, one planet is less, Pluto. Sundar says Pluto is not planet now. He asks who told you. Sundar shows the book. Keshav scolds him and says he will teach him now, does his face has written he is donkey. Bhagwati asks what is he saying. Keshav says Govind likes stupid Titu’s work and asks me to learn, no one sees my hardwork and honesty. He leaves angrily. Panchi hears everything. Bhagwati says whats happening here. Panchi says even I m thinking the same. Bhagwati sends Sundar out.

Panchi says happiness came in this house, but many changes happened, Keshav and Titu is also affected, I know this has hurt Keshav’s self respect, Titu has changed and don’t know he is not enjoying his life, our problem is same and I came to share with you, maybe we find some solution. Bhagwati says she is right, but what to do. Panchi says I feel they need our support now. She says she will get Titu’s happiness and smile back.

Titu makes the men work and make Lord idols. The haldi function starts. Panchi looks at Titu. Vaishaili stares at the stick and tries to take it. The haldi functions is done. Surekha and Rekha do aarti of Golu and Cheeni. Panchi sees Titu busy in work and gets sad. Surekha says Golu is lucky to get Cheeni. Rekha says Cheeni is also lucky to get a good man like Golu. Surekha praises Cheeni and Rekha favors Golu.

Panchi asks Titu to see that the bride side is more better than guy.s Titu says really and answers the men to color the idols. Govind comes and asks will they know everything now, they can ask later who is better after a year. They laugh. Panchi applies haldi to Cheeni and smiles. Everyone apply haldi one by one. Panchi sees Titu still working and not taking part in the function. She thinks to bring back his happiness and smiles.

Panchi dances on the song Mere Saiyyan superstar…….. and takes the stick. Titu looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  3. I lke u panchi, mrs.perfect

  4. I luv dis serial a lot. Only nd only for my titu. I luv u a lot really. I want 2 be an actress nd 2 do 1 serial wid u in future. Plzzzz Shashi-Sumit prod nxt seasn me mujhe chance dijiega sirf 1 chance plzzzz. It’s my req.

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