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The Episode starts with Mukund saying he was keeping an eye on Titu as its his marriage tomorrow. Govind says but tell me…. They see Channu getting rescued and everyone cheering for Titu and praising him. Surekha says Titu did good work. Titu lifts Channu. Channu’s parents thanks him for saving the kid. Govind smiles. Titu requests Kamlesh to get all pits closed. Kamlesh says my son in law asked me for the first time, I can’t say no, I will talk to municipal commissioner tomorrow. Titu says bye to Channu. Surekha says lets go home. Mukund says its good Titu is caught, I will keep an eye on him. Govind smiles and asks Titu to come along.

Panchi comes to Titu and says what he did now, was very good cause. The day I met you, I haave noticed your way to handle situation is unique. She says

you have a super power to make people smile in tough situations, I hope I also smile with you all my life. She smiles and says bye, lets meet tomorrow. She leaves. Titu says you will smile, but my eyes will tear. Surekha asks Titu to come fast. They all go home. Rekha says she is very tired and will have haldi milk. Bhagwati says yes, if you dance so much, you will be tired. She laughs joking on her.

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Govind asks Keshav to call decorators in morning, and asks Surekha to choose jewelry for Panchi. Surekha asks Bhagwati to get it. Rekha says she will also help her. Surekha says no need, I will do it myself. Govind says I don’t want anything wrong tomorrow, the marriage should happen peacefully. Surekha says yes, everyone has to see to it, and asks Mukund not to interfere in other’s words. Bhagwati gets the jewelry.

Surekha shows the necklaces and says its my bahu’s. Rekha says our mum in law gave it. Govind says fine, but where is our ancestral jewels, which my mum gave it for Titu’s wife. Surekha thinks he has sharp memory.Titu looks on. Surekha says she will give it in Mu Dikhaai. Govind says tomorrow should be great day and asks Titu to sleep well, as he should look fresh tomorrow. Surekha gives jewelry to Bhagwati and blesses her. She gifts to Pinky too. Rekha smiles. Titu thinks what happened to Surekha, she changed so much like dad got a new mum.

Bhagwati shows necklace to Keshav and he leaves annoyed. Rekha says she is feeling sleepy and goes. Govind asks Titu to go to his room and sleep. He leaves. Surekha asks Golu to take Titu, till then she will get haldi uptan for the groom. Titu worries. Surekha talks to him in room, and asks how did he stay, as she has done all arrangements. She applies the haldi and says she will plan another thing to make him run. Rekha tells Mukund that she is sure Surekha was making Titu run. Mukund says yes, Titu has run twice. Surekha says you can succeed in third time.

She says your dad has pride for you, he can’t doubt on us now. She says I will free you. Mukund says I will make Titu marry, as I have to free Vaishaili. Rekha says I will get something to eat and goes out. Someone hears Surekha and Titu’s plan. Surekha says this marriage won’t happen. She says your dad is sharp but I m also smart. She goes out and is shocked seeing Govind hearing everything. Rekha and Mukund talk. He says Titu will not run at night.

Titu tells Golu that he is hearing his dad’s voice. Golu says its really him. Titu says I think he came to know about my running plan. Surekha tells Govind the truth that she is making her son run, else that Panchi will make him fly always. He says you can’t do this. She says I can do anything for my son, you can show if you can stop. He says yes, this marriage will happen. Titu says my band will play by their kabaddi. Govind and Surekha argue and Titu hears them. He gets worried and leaves. Govind calls Mukund. Surekha says they are sleeping.

Govind says they are lucky, if you make Titu run, then see my bad side. Mukund comes and asks her is she making Titu run. Govind says yes, keep an eye on her. Mukund says don’t worry, I will be with Titu always. Its morning, Govind tells Titu about the Doli/palanquin in which they will get Panchi home. Surekha says whats the need. Govind says will you get her here on shoulders. Titu is upset. Surekha jokes about Rekha and her mum in law. Govind says time will say my choice is good or not, your son will marry today. He leaves. Surekha thinks what to do to save Titu.

Rekha taunts Bhagwati for not javing such Doli even after two marriages. Bhagwati gets sad. Titu says yes, its good that Bhabhi did not come in such doli, she is very beautiful that doli would have got jealous seeing her. Bhagwati smiles. Govind asks Surekha to go to Panchi’s home with jewelry. Surekha says I need to attend guests, I won’t go,

Panchi and Rachna come in the wedding hall and like the decorations.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. nic episode

  3. Good. Hope titu also recognize that he is made for panchi..

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