Tu Mera Hero 4th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Tu Mera Hero 4th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Panchi, Govind and everyone asking Titu to wake up Surekha and talk to her, show his magic of which Surekha is proud of. Titu cries and sits near Surekha. He tries his best to wake her up, and does his humor talk to make her fine. They all cry. Titu tells Surekha about everyone, and jokes on Rekha. He says Yamraaj came in my dream, and said he is afraid of Bau ji, and jokes on him, and says about Panchi, who is Panchi by name, and eagle by behavior. Surekha does not respond.

Titu asks her not to do this, she can’t stay without talking to him, and tries to make her react. They see some readings and Rekha asks the nurse to see whats happening. The nurse says she is getting well, say something good. They ask Titu to say more. Titu sits near her and says about him, and

they see the time ending. Titu cries and tries hard, saying if anything happens to his Maiyya, Titu will die, then how will he make everyone laugh, he will be left alone.

Titu and everyone cry. Titu turns away. Surekha opens her eyes and says Titu. They all get shocked and smile. Govind says Surekha…….. Titu smiles and goes to her. Govind thanks Lord. Surekha sees all of them and says she is better now. The doctor says she is out of danger, but needs rest. Surekha says she has to go and send her son to Mumbai today. She says she can’t stay here and has to go home. Rekha and Govind ask her to rest.

Govind thanks the doctor. The doctor asks her to thank Lord for getting such a good family whose prayers worked. She asks about Titu. They say where did Titu go. Titu prays and gives sweets to everyone in hospital. Govind brings Surekha on wheelchair and shows her Titu. Titu happily cries and hugs her.

Its morning, Rekha and everyone take care of Surekha. Surekha says she is very lucky as everyone took care of her and prayed for her. She says she is sad for Titu. Govind pulls Titu’s cheeks and asks him not to sit here to make Surekha sad, who will go in Mumbai laughter show. They all smile. Govind asks Titu to get ready, he has to leave. He says he was blind and forgot that he can make few people laugh, but Titu has the talent which revived his mum. They all smile.

Govind says he wants to see Titu becoming comedy start, so he has booked his and Surekha’s tickets too. He apologizes to Titu and hugs him. Vaishaili signs Rekha. Surekha smiles and says I love you Govind. Everyone smile. Govind gets shy. Titu and Panchi cough. Titu jokes that I love you too from Govind. Govind beats him and laughs. He says get ready to leave.

Panchi says you three are going. Govind says yes, will I take all Mathura. He asks Bhagwati to pack their belongings, and asks Panchi to do her and Titu’s packing. She gets glad. Govind says you are the one who has seen dream for Titu, and made this lazy dream and encouraged him to fulfill the dream. He praises Panchi. Titu and Panchi hug Govind.

Titu thanks the people of Mathura, and says his humor talk. Govind smiles hearing him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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