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The Episode starts with Govind and Surekha arguing over the vegetables and dishes. Everyone look on. Surekha asks him to make the list. Govind says fine, the food will be made by this list. Titu says fine, we are ready. They all see the list and Surekha agrees. Keshav comes and says congrats Tau ji, Batuk gave the deal, and we will finalize it on dinner, the meeting went fine, I got to know from his manager about Batuk’s favorite vegetable, gourd…. Titu and Govind are shocked. Titu says gourd is not in the list, they can’t tell the women now, dad has fought with them. Govind says its about business, we have to try.

Titu says Panchi is annoyed with me, she won’t let anyone agree. Govind says we will talk in morning, he asks them to talk to their wives. Keshav says Lord help us. Panchi

talks to Govind and Bhagwati and laugh hearing the men. Its morning. Rekha asks Vaishaili why did Mukund keep my ring in bank locker. Vaishaili asks Rekha to trust her son. Rekha says no, whatever the relation, its about ring. Vaishaili tells her about chaat and diverts her. Mukund comes and gives the ring to Rekha.

Rekha gets glad and stares at the ring. Vaishaili gets puzzled. Mukund signs her. Govind acts sweet to Surekha and calls her doll. He says its big day for me and asks her to sit. Keshav massages Bhagwati’s hand as she works a lot. Bhagwati says its all sorted, cooking by list is good. She smiles. Govind tells Surekha about Batuk, he is coming for dinner today, he will get impressed by food and give us big contract. Surekha says she will cook as per the list. Keshav says we can start the list from tomorrow, you can cook as per Batuk’s choice. He says list is for family. Bhagwati asks why, its his guest and has to eat his list food, Surekha is adamant that food will be made as per list, no use to say this.

Govind says I sometimes get angry, forget it Surekha. She says fine, I forgot, but I remember the list. Bhagwati and Surekha tell Govind and Keshav about the list of everything. Keshav says I m sorry Tau ji, I did not think convincing Bhagwati is so tough. Govind says its all on Titu now. Titu asks Panchi that he is confused. Panchi says she is busy. He says he wants to play game with her. She refuses. He insists.

He asks her to listen to him and answer by yes or no. She says fine, say. He asks is her name Sanjana. She asks whats this question. He says just say. She says no. He asks does she hate her mum in law, does she like romantic movies, she likes rain dance with him, being with him…. She says yes. He asks will she help him today. She says yes and beats him. She says she won’t help. He says you said yes. She says I know you are smart, but I won’t help. He asks can she see him in trouble. She says okay and they smile.

Vaishaili comes to Mukund and says you are so smart, how did you arrange money and get ring. He says I m intelligent, the ring is fake. She asks really? He says mum would have got angry, she does not believe anyone. Vaishaili thanks Lord that her tv is saved. Titu comes to Govind and says the work is done, he included gourd in the list. Vaishaili sees them dancing and says what did Titu do. Panchi goes and writes gourd instead brinjal.

Surekha catches her and asks her. Panchi lies and says she was writing gourd clearly. Vaishaili says Panchi is lying and shows the pic in her phone. Rekha praises Vaishaili. Panchi says Titu made innocent face and told me, so I agreed. They all smile. Surekha goes and argues with Govind. Govind says he has made Titu do this. Titu asks Surekha not to feel bad. Surekha says Titu did mistake to support his dad. Govind says he wants the deal, so gourd will be made today. Surekha says we will cook brinjal. Titu tells Govind that they will be hurt, they will agree to women and apologize. Govind says no need, we men will make gourd dish ourselves, you women make the brinjal, taste our dish and see, it will be more tasty, as we men don’t gossip like women.

Titu goes to Panchi and asks her to help him. He asks her to say recipe. She says if Surekha knows… He says mum won’t know. Surekha comes and pulls Panchi. She scolds Titu. Titu tries emotional talk on Surekha and cries. Surekha asks him not to do the drama. She asks Panchi not to get in Titu’s words. Titu says Bau ji made him troubled.

Golu says Batuk came till the lane. The men find hard to cook. Batuk asks for dinner. Titu says Bau ji manage it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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