Tu Mera Hero 3rd November 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Govind beating the plate and calling out everyone. He says he has decided, he is giving his shop and home duties to his son and bahu. He says he wants to stay with Surekha and give her time. They all smile. Titu says its good, but how will we manage without you. Govind says I decided this seeing your abilities, you all will manage home and shop well. He dances and is very happy. Vaishaili thanks Lord,

She does not get sleep at night and wakes up Mukund. She says she was thinking if he gets shop and she gets home keys, then it will be good. He says Tau ji will give equal share to everyone. She says I m more deserving. He says we will talk in morning. She says fine, I will live like a princess, see how I convince Govind and Surekha. She thinks to go now itself and goes.

Govind tells Surekha about some plot, and he will name it to him. Surekha says yes. Vaishaili thinks what property and who is that person. Surekha says he is youngest in our house. Vaishaili says it means they are saying about Titu and goes. Surekha says our Sundar is loved by everyone. He says we will give him from Dada and Dadi’s side. Surekha says you did this right to buy land on his name, he should not feel he is not from this family. Govind says he bought this plot when Keshav was hesitant to accept Sundar, thank Lord its all fine between them, Sundar’s future got secure.

Rekha sings bhajan and Vaishaili goes to her. Rekha argues and asks her to make flower garlands, Surekha will do puja. Vaishaili asks why, don’t you know mantras. Rekha says no, its our traditions. Vaishaili is annoyed and says Titu and Panchi will dominate us now and make us slaves. Rekha says she is hungry. Vaishaili gives her laddoo. Surekha comes and stops her. She takes laddoo and asks what is she doing. Vaishaili gets shocked.

Rekha says I did not eat it, Vaishaili was giving me. Surekha says these are bhog laddoos. She asks Rekha to tell Vaishaili. Rekha tells her. Titu and Panchi are going for shopping. Rekha asks them to get bright colors paint for her room and they leave. Vaishaili tells Rekha and Mukund that Govind has many properties, and he will give more to Titu. Mukund asks her to stop it. she told this before too, we are united family now. Rekha says he is right. Vaishaili says Titu and Panchi went to decide paint colors.

Rekha says Govind treats Keshav and Mukund as Titu, and loves them equally, Govind was not partial to his brother, Titu will not be partial. Mukund says mum is right, leave all this. Rekha says come with me, I will show big heart of Surekha and Govind.
Surekha and Panchi have a talk. Panchi says she said she wanted to know about Surekha Sadan, then she became bahu, and she knew its meaning. She apologizes to Surekha. Surekha says its fine, there is a story of this house, when I came in this house after marriage, Govind started his new business, then he gave this house Surekha Sadan name. She says she did not get any child for years and has heard many taunts.

She cries and says her mum in law named this house as Rekha Sadan, then Govind did not like it, Rekha is like his younger sister, he regretted that it was not in our hands. Panchi consoles her. Surekha says after Titu was born, mum in law loved me more than before, she said Titu will make our name shine. Panchi hugs her. Vaishaili and Rekha see the man asking about Surekha Sadan or Rekha Sadan name. Vaishaili asks Rekha to see. Panchi says Surekha is eldest, so this house will be known by this name only.

Vaishaili fills Rekha’s ears against Panchi. Rekha gets thinking. She says its not bad if house has Surekha’s name, shall I ask her to name it on me. Mukund says Vaishaili’s thinking is so small. Vaishaili says Titu and Panchi will make us slaves. Rekha says what are you saying, we elders have less day, you have to be mature. Govind did what mum in law taught. Vaishaili thinks they are not understanding, she has to show them the truth.

Bhagwati tells the required kirana and Titu notes it. Govind says now I m resting, Titu has been lazy for 24 years, now its my time to have fun. They all smile. Titu asks really and tells them that Govind has become Nikhattu, he will be doing my doings, and Govind will have food by Surekha’s hand. The women smile as Titu shows Govind’s new schedule. Titu says world will be upside down. Govind spits water from upstairs and laughs. Panchi says finally, we laughed by Titu’s jokes.

Govind says he has played well with Sundar. He tells everyone that he wants to say something. Rekha asks for house division, and they all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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