Tu Mera Hero 3rd February 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Titu going with his friends. He says dad won’t leave me. Golu asks him to go as his dad won’t find him. Titu says why did Panchi do this, I hope mum bears dad’s anger. Govind asks where did Titu go. Mukund says he has run away. Rekha argues with Surekha and asks where did Titu go. Govind asks Mukund and Keshav to find him. Rekha says Govind will lose his name if Titu really ran. Surekha prays that Titu reaches the bus stop now. Kamlesh tells Panchi that they are going to taste the food, you should have rested at home. Panchi says its fine, food should be perfect.

Govind shouts. Surekha gives him cold water. He scolds her. He asks Mukund to go out and find Titu. Rekha asks Pinky what is she doing with phone, call Titu, as he will take your call. Rekha thinks where

did Titu go, Mukund should get him. Surekha makes reasons. Mukund goes to catch Titu. Titu asks Golu to drive slow.

Titu gets Pinky’s call and says maybe dad wants to know about me. Titu says Pinky loves me a lot, if I don’t take her call, she will be worried. Pinky acts like she can’t hear anything, and says Govind that she can’t hear anything. Keshav says Titu is nowhere. Surekha prays that Titu runs away. Rekha prays that Titu is caught. Mukund is finding Titu. Titu and Golu stop seeing a mother crying for her son. The media takes pics. Titu asks Golu to find out. Golu says lets go, leave this.

Titu asks a man and comes to know a little boy has fell in borewell. Titu says its our Channu and goes to save him. He asks the lady not to worry, as the boy is crying and he will be fine. Channu’s parents requests him to save the boy. Titu asks the men to help them. The man says we are waiting for fire brigade. Titu asks Golu to call police. Kamlesh gets the call and tells Panchi about the kid falling in borewell. She says we will go to caterers later, first lets save the kid.

Titu hears the kid talking and says its very dark here. The lady says we have fixed camera to show the audience. Titu claps and says what will you ask, how are you feeling, kid is stuck and you want to have vibes. He scolds them. Titu says its hard to being the kid out of the pit, but I promise till I m here, Channu will not cry or faint. Golu tells Titu to run. Titu says I can’t run like this, I have to help Channu.

Titu talks to Channu and entertains him by his jokes to make his get rid of fear. Mukund comes there and hears people saying Titu is making kid busy. The man says Titu was having sangeet here, but he is like Kanhaiyya, he is helping people. Surekha thinks Titu might have run till now. Govind says where did Titu go. Surekha says maybe he has gone home being tired. Govind says yes, we danced on his shoulders. They argue. Pinky messages Titu. Rekha asks whom is she messaging, did she message Titu. Govind scolds Pinky and takes her phone. Govind gets Titu’s message in her phone and gets the address.

Mukund calls Keshav and tells about Titu. Govind says I will get him and goes with Surekha. Rekha prays that Titu is caught. Titu talks to Channu. His mum cries as kid is losing strength. Titu says you are his strength, be strong and tells more jokes. Titu sees the boy not responding and gets sad. Govind and Surekha are on the way. She prays that Lord saves Titu. Channu gets silent. Titu talks to him again, and says if he does not laugh, and tells more jokes.

He sees the boy on the screen, and tries to boost his confidence. Channu smiles and they all smile seeing him fine. Titu asks him to keep eyes open, as they are coming to take him. The fire bridage comes along with police. They try to rescue the kid. Mukund sees Titu. Golu asks Titu to come fast, as Channu will be rescued. Govind and Surekha come there. Govind catches Titu. Govind says I know you can speak. Golu says Titu got call about Channu fallen in ground and to save him, so we came here. Govind says shut up, is he Lord to save him. Surekha says but he is a good human being. Govind says stop it.

Kamlesh and Panchi come there and see the recue mission. He asks is the kid fine. The constable says Titu can made kid awake by his talk. Kamlesh and Panchi get glad. Govind says fine, if they called you, why did you not talk to Pinky. Mukund says they were talking to run away. Panchi also worries for the kid. Golu tells Mukund that he has understood half thing. Surekha scolds Mukund. Mukund says I was keeping an eye on Titu, as its his marriage tomorrow, I was obeying Govind’s orders. Titu thinks he is caught.

Surekha tells Titu that she will make him run tomorrow. She asks Golu to take care of him. She goes out and is shocked seeing someone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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