Tu Mera Hero 3rd August 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Panchi praying in the house temple. Titu reaches the mountain temple and Surekha calls him out. He stops at the stairs and says why do I feel like mum is calling me. He leaves and runs back. Surekha sees Titu coming and calls him. Titu gets shocked seeing Surekha wounded. She faints. He runs to her and asks her to open her eyes. He tries taking help and lift. The car does not stop and he cries. Panchi says she is feeling scared, is Titu and Surekha in any problem. Titu brings water and asks her to open her eyes.

Keshav prays to Lord and signs the deal with Parekh, by giving him the cheque. Parekh fools him for the first deal and says he will get double benefits for him in one week. Keshav says thanks, this deal is imp for me. Titu lifts Surekha and takes her. Govind

is unable to talk to Surekha and Titu, and gets worried. Panchi says will they be fine. Titu brings Surekha to hospital and cries. The doctor asks him not to worry and takes Surekha in OT. Panchi gets a call and says what, Surekha’s accident. Everyone get shocked hearing this.

They all come to hospital and see Titu. Panchi hugs him and they ask about Surekha. Titu hugs Govind and cries. Govind asks him not to worry, everything will be fine. They wait outside OT and pray for Surekha. The doctor comes and says she is critical, she has head injury and was taking Titu’s name, we are helpless if she does not get conscious. They all cry and go to see Surekha. They all ask Surekha to wake up. They all talk to Surekha, and Rekha cries, asking Surekha to wake up, else she will eat snacks from Titu’s bag.

Everyone ask her to wake up. Keshav cries and asks her not to leave them, they all need her. Panchi asks her to get up, she has to learn a lot from her. She says you can’t leave us, we will make Titu comedy star. She goes to Titu. Govind asks Surekha to wake up and asks him to be angry on him, she can’t break her promise to be with him. They all cry.

Titu prays to Lord. Panchi sees him and asks him to come, and talk to Surekha. Govind cries and asks Surekha to get up. Titu comes there. Govind asks Surekha to praise Titu, he is unique and will anyone laugh and put life in anyone. He sees Titu and asks him to revive Surekha by his talk. He asks Titu to wake her. Titu looks on and cries.

Titu talks to Surekha and says he will die if anything happen to Surekha. Everyone cry.

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