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The Episode starts with Panchi telling Surekha about Govind paying 10 lakhs to Maharaj, and so he has come here to stop Titu. Titu says yes, I have heard everything myself, so Panchi and I decided to expose him, it was our plan that Panchi apologizes to him yesterday. He scolds Maharaj and asks how could he cheat the people who believed him. He says Lord will see you. Panchi also scolds him saying he has cheated Surekha.

Maharaj asks what cheat Panchi, and asks Surekha not to believe them. He tries to scare her, and asks her to break Titu and Panchi’s relation, else it will be a curse for Titu. She says enough and scolds him.

She says she is ashamed to call him Maharaj now. She says Panchi has come in this house as Laxmi, and she has solved all the problems in this house, and praises

Panchi. She says Panchi did a lot for Titu and scolds him. She asks him to leave from here and go back to his ashram, else they will send him to police station. Govind thinks Panchi has broken all superstions and exposed Maharaj, he is very happy, Panchi is best bahu, but he regrets to send Titu to Mumbai.

Surekha hugs Titu and cries. Maharaj tries to run. Golu stops him and says its Govind’s hard earned money, give the bag here. They send him out. Surekha is sad and says whenever any problem came, she has gone to Maharaj and gave chadava. Rekha says its not your mistake, Maharaj has solution always. Surekha says no if we think peacefully, he did not do anything for us, we have solved our problems by our courage. Bhagwati and Panchi console Surekha and asks for elder’s blessings. Surekha blesses her and Titu, and says Govind’s blessings for Titu is necessary, he will bless for sure.

Surekha shouts on Govind and argues for what he has done. Titu and Panchi come and calm Surekha. Titu asks Govind to allow him now, as they did as he said, just one chance to go Mumbai. Govind asks him to sit and explains that film industry looks shiny from outside, and darkness inside. Surekha says her blessings are with Titu.

She argues and says Titu will go Mumbai. He asks her to send Titu, then he will see how she stays without Titu. He leaves angrily. Sundar and Keshav come to them. Sundar hugs Titu and asks will he go far, who will play with him. Keshav says I will play, we will see him on tv daily. Titu and Sundar hug and smile. Titu sees Panchi sad.

Panchi comes to her room and is sad that Titu is leaving. She hugs his shirt and says she will miss him a lot. She gets a message from Titu that there is surprise for her. She gets a beautiful dress and a note. He asks her to wear it and come on terrace. Keshav tells Bhagwati that he can’t prove his talent to Tau ji. Bhagwati gives her jewelry to him and asks him to sell it. He asks is she giving her jewelry for his dreams, he can’t take it. She asks why not, my dreams are related to you, I can’t be happy wearing the jewelry. He thinks how to arrange more money.

Govind sees Titu’s childhood pic and gets sad. Surekha asks him to accept Titu’s dreams if he loves him, send him happily, he will get courage if his father supports him. Keshav comes. Govind says he is making two cheques for 5 lakhs for Mishra ji. He says he did not write name, tell Mishra ji to write his full name, I will talk to him tomorrow. Keshav takes cheques and thinks. Govind asks does he want to go Mumbai too. Keshav says no, Titu.. Govind says Titu is innocent, he is not tough to manage in Mumbai. He thinks to use his innocence to stop Titu from going Mumbai.

Panchi comes to the terrace and smiles seeing the decorations. Titu comes there and smiles seeing her in that dress. He says Panchi. She hugs him. Tujhe dekha to ye jana sanam…………plays……….He says she is looking beautiful and their time will be beautiful, when they are away, they will be close recalling these moments.

Pehli baar mohabbat ki hai…………..plays……. Titu and Panchi have a dance.

Update Credit to: Amena

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