Tu Mera Hero 30th September 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Titu smiling by seeing Panchi in Rekha’s room. Panchi is sleeping near the bed. Titu kisses her and moves back as Rekha snores. Titu clicks Panchi’s pics. She wakes up and sees Titu laughing. Panchi tries taking the phone from him. She goes out and says Titu has become very naughty. She goes to Surekha’s room and asks Hema what is she doing here. Hema says Surekha is in kitchen and goes. Panchi says Surekha is innocent, so Hema is taking advantage of her. Surekha asks Hema to come and make pickles. Panchi looks on. Surekha thinks she has to teach everything to Hema, and she has to make everyone like Hema. Hema leaves.

Panchi says Surekha and Govind’s love is unbreakable, lets show her their old romance, then Hema will understand. Panchi and Vaishali are

learning dance. Govind asks why did they call him, shop has much work, how will Keshav manage. Titu gets the dance instructor and says he will teach ballroom dance, not kathak. Hema comes and says she will dance, she likes dancing. Titu says fine, its your home. Titu says its ball room dance. Panchi thinks Govind and Surekha’s romance will be known to everyone and smiles. Surekha says its Lord’s sign to send Hema.

Govind asks Surekha to come. Surekha acts like getting hurt and stops Panchi from getting any balm. She asks them to start. Panchi says no, it won’t be fun without out. Surekha says I will sit and see here. Govind says I will go to shop. Surekha stops him and asks him to dance. Surekha says I can’t dance and makes Govind dance with Hema.

Govind and Hema practice and Rekha looks on, thinking whats happening. The dance instructor teaches them ballroom closeup dance, and dances with Golu. Hema smiles. Surekha signs Govind to smile. Panchi says how can Surekha ask Hema to dance with Govind, what happened to her. Bhagwati says she has some work and goes. Rekha dances in the room and Bhagwati sees her.

Hema and Govind have a talk and she compliments his dance. He thinks where did Surekha make him stuck. Panchi pushes Hema and says sorry. Hema says I want a guy like Titu for my Sonam. Titu says done and asks Panchi what was this, why did she push Hema. Panchi says what is Hema doing, I get angry seeing her take Surekha’s place. Titu says no one can take mum’s place, mum is behaving strange, but we will talk.

Titu and Panchi talk to Govind about Surekha’s strange behavior. She says we have noticed the change in her. Bhagwati says Rekha is fine, she was dancing in room. They all get thinking. Titu sees Surekha going and tells Govind, that Surekha is also acting, I have seen her rushing to room, why are they doing drama. Govind says whats happening.

Surekha cries seeing her family pic and talks to Hema. She asks her to trust her and tries telling her to take her place in this house. She tells about her dream, where she has seen her and Rekha’s death. Hema says Surekha… Surekha says I did not believe this, but Rekha got heart attack, it means we both will die. She cries and says she wants someone to take care of her family. She asks Hema to come in this house. The family looks on shocked. Surekha asks Hema not to say no.

Govind cries and tells that Surekha is afraid that her dream will come true. I will be alone after she goes, so she is bringing Hema close to me, how to say, I exist only for her, she is my Gudiya. He can’t see her worried. Titu comes and talks to him about Surekha. He says nothing can happen to Surekha, don’t worry, I spoke to Hema, she will come, we all will think and find some way. Govind, Hema and everyone talk about superstitions. Panchi says Surekha loves us a lot. Vaishali says Rekha acted and made Surekha believe her doubt. Govind says Surekha is going on wrong way, we have to stop her. Titu says but not in right way, so that she believes us. Bhagwati says what about Rekha. Titu says we have to give a sweet lesson to Rekha too. Sonam says she will do as Titu says. Hema says she is ready to do anything for Govind, but this time she will support them for Surekha’s sake. Panchi thanks her. Govind says be careful, Rekha and Surekha should not know this. They all agree.

Panchi, Bhagwati and everyone talk to Hema. Surekha gets jealous.

Update Credit to: Amena

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