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The Episode starts with Maharaj saying he will leave for ashram tomorrow. Panchi apologizes to him. He blesses her. She asks is there any solution to send Titu to Mumbai, if any puja or havan is needed, we will do. He thinks she was turning clever, now see what I do. He says there is no solution, Titu can’t go out of this home for 2 days. Govind looks on. Maharaj goes and makes a Laxman Rekha for Titu, saying if he tries to go out of this Rekha, it will be very bad for him. They all get tensed.

Maharaj says then his blessings can’t save Titu. Panchi says no, I won’t let Titu go anywhere. Surekha says yes, life is imp. Govind thinks Panchi could not expose Titu. Titu asks Govind is he donating 10 lakhs to Maharaj, as he said before. Govind asks what, when did I say. Maharaj says he will

use money for Titu’s start calming. Titu says he called halwai to get desi ghee ladoos for everyone.

Keshav thinks to have courage and talk to Govind. Govind asks him to try without investing money, else its risky. Keshav says how will we have profit without investing. Govind says try without money, else be calm, I had much loss till now. He takes money from his shop. He asks him to be happy with what he has. Govind comes home and gives the money to Maharaj for ashram. Maharaj says he will do dhyan in his room and goes. Govind tells Panchi that she did not expose Maharaj and Titu will not go to Mumbai now. She says its yet to be decided and asks Titu is he ready for acting.

Govind says Panchi did not expose Maharaj, but Titu’s plans has flopped. He is glad. Surekha comes there and says Titu’s life is imp to her than Mumbai dreams. Panchi says yes, Titu said you took him to temple in childhood. Surekha says yes, you reminded well. She says she will take Titu there.Panchi says Titu can’t come now, we will take Keshav, Vaishaili, Mukund and everyone. Surekha says why not, I will tell Mukund, Maharaj is busy in dhyan. Govind says he will also come. They all leave.

The thieves come at home and ask Maharaj about the money. Mukund takes everyone and are busy at the temple buying chunri. Govind says we should go home soon to treat Maharaj. Maharaj asks everyone to save him, the goons are after him and runs with the money bag. Titu comes there. Maharaj asks him to save, they are goons. Titu asks what. Maharaj says come and save me. Titu runs and stops at the line, saying Maharaj asked him not to cross it. Panchi says we forgot the chadava at home. Rekha says we are at shop, we will take thaali from here. Panchi says we have to make Titu touch it. Govind says we will go home and come. Surekha agrees.

Titu stands at the line and says he can’t walk ahead of the line. Maharaj curses the goons. They use knife to scare him. Golu scares him. Maharaj asks Titu to save him, else goons will kill him. Titu says how can I, my life will have risk. Maharaj says it was a lie. He says I can’t see anyone’s future, I stopped you from going Mumbai being greedy to take donation from Govind, there is no risk, save me. The family comes and hears all this being shocked.

Maharaj gets shocked seeing them. Panchi looks on. Golu shows his face and laughs. Panchi says Maharaj is a big cheat and she has done this to expose his real face, he is a liar and fraud. Govind smiles. She scolds Maharaj. She asks Surekha to see his real face, he has lied always since many years. Surekha cries and is shocked. Panchi says Govind has stopped Titu from going Mumbai by using his greed. Surekha looks on shocked.

Maharaj asks Surekha not to believe Panchi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow.. Panchi and Titu are very talented.. Love you both.. You make a great couple.

  2. Awesome episode!!!! (Y)

  3. Great plan Panchi.luv u pantu:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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