Tu Mera Hero 30th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Manorama telling Surekha to see her son, he looks so good as Bhishma Pitama. Govind gets angry on Titu. Manorama passes some taunts on them and tells Panchi that Titu turned into hero from zero. Vaishaili and Rekha smile thinking now Govind will kick Titu out of the house. Manorama says Titu has fooled all of them till time, I mean he has made their name shine. Surekha and Govind see each other. Panchi thinks Titu lied to her. Manorama asks Govind what did he think, its good Titu is working in films, as he does not do any work.

Rekha says its good if he acts. Panchi thinks it means all this was pretention. Manorama smiles and thinks she has ignited the fire. She says I m sorry, I came to give happiness, but I did not know this will be big shock, please manage. She leaves

with Rachna. Panchi recalls hhow she went to shop and Golu lied about Titu gone or home delivery of items. Titu came to her and even he lied to her. She says she is glad that he is working. The FB ends and she cries on his big cheat. She says she needs an answer from Titu, why did he do this.

Kamlesh and Pratibha come to meet Panchi. Everyone get surprised seeing them. Panchi goes and hugs Pratibha. She cries. Rekha smiles and thinks they came on right time, it will be fun. Kamlesh says Govind promised he will keep Panchi as his daughter, and he broke his promise, he will take Panchi home, and she will not stay here now. They are all shocked. Rekha gets glad. Govind says he will always regard Panchi as his daughter.

Pratibha says if you regarded her daughter, you would have not tested her everyday, Titu cheated her, her daughter is crying could he stop it, did he keep his promise to keep her happy, Titu does not care for his family and not even his wife’s trust, when patience crosses the limit, it becomes a pain, I can’t let her bear the pain of being a wife of Nikhattu. Surekha gets angry and asks how dare she call her son Nikhattu, why did her daughter come after her son.

She reminds them how Panchi wanted to marry Titu, she loved him and married him, she is our bahu now, we did not come to you to ask fro her hand, she is not Titu’s wife. Panchi cries. Rekha smiles. Surekha asks Panchi to tell her parents that she will not go with them. Pratibha says she did not listen to me and chosen an useless man, and asks Panchi to see where did her decision got her, her parents wanted her good. She says she was stupid to accept Titu and says what Panchi did for them.

Panchi asks Pratibha not to say. Pratibha says let me say and says Titu is useless and lazy, Surekha will make him lazy always, they know it. Surekha says enough, she does not have right to say anything to Titu. Govind asks Surekha to keep quiet. She asks why, he should make them quiet, she can’t hear a word against her son. She says my son will not work, why should he work, he has everything. She scolds Pratibha and defends Titu. She says Panchi is lucky to marry Titu. Govind asks her to stop it.

Surekha says my son has everything which they don’t have. Govind says enough Surekha. He says he has trusted Titu a lot. He says Titu cheated them and he will not leave him. He asks Surekha not to talk between them. He apologizes to Panchi and says he will not tell her anything now. Pratibha asks Panchi to come with him, as there is nothing left here. Rekha signs her to go. Panchi says before she decided, she will talk to Titu once. She calls Titu.

Ruhi and Titu talk after the shoot. She says she is glad to meet him in shoot and takes a selfie. They see Panchi’s call. Ruhi ends the call and says Panchi should get habitual to live without you. Titu says give me the call, she will be worried. Ruhi says she will get all answers till evening. He says everyone will get and smiles.

Kamlesh says see Titu is not receiving the call, no need to talk to her now. Govind thinks where did Titu go and gets angry. He says he has to give all answers. Surekha thinks to make Titu go away and leaves. Kamlesh asks Panchi is she coming with them. She says no, I will not go without talking to Titu, I want my answers. He asks till when will she wait. She says she will do anything to talk to him.

Titu and Ruhi are eloping. Ruhi says we will go far and start a new life. Titu smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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