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The Episode starts with Surekha saying about Rekha’s state. Bhagwati calls Pari. Pari brings Rekha. Rekha says she has seen family taking care of Hema and did this heart attack acting to make them take care of her. They all laugh. Govind asks Surekha why did she push him to Hema, she did this wrong. Hema says Lord makes the couple, you both look awesome. Govind makes Surekha wear the bangles and we are of each other. Hema jokes and they laugh.

Its morning, Panchi tells Titu that he did not agree. He says its good for us. She says no. They argue. Bhagwati asks why are they fighting. Panchi says Sonam came to Titu again in the market. Sonam asks Titu to become her partner in her friend’s dance party. Titu tells Bhagwati to find a guy for Sonam. Bhagwati asks is he ready for second marriage

and laughs. Titu says I want my friend to meet Sonam.

FB shows Titu telling Sonam that she will get a partner and she thanks him. Panchi asks Titu not to help her, and warns him. Titu says its fine, if Sonam gets married, then she will stop troubling you. Bhagwati laughs. Titu says I m going on new shoot today and leaves. Titu comes on the shoot and tells Panchi that he reached. He sees the vanity can locked and asks the man to open it. He hears a girl talking to Sandeep about their love. Titu smiles.

Sandeep and his GF come out. Titu shows its his vanity. The man introduces director Sandeep and new lead Preeti. Sandeep asks Titu not to tell anyone. Titu says what will I, I did not hear or see anything. Sandeep says smart boy, go for makeup. Hema and her family are at Govind’s home. Sonam gets ready. Panchi and Vaishaili are annoyed. Dimple thanks them. Dimple says Titu chose the guy, we should not spoil his name. Panchi thanks her for saving Titu’s respect. Rekha is glad seeing the hair grooming kit. They laugh. Hema wishes the relation happens and she will make the buy her Ghar Jamai. She gets emotional. Surekha says our sons are there. Sonam says yes, they are ours by all rights. Panchi and Vaishaili plan to make Sonam fall if she makes them fall and laugh.

Titu gets vanity van locked again and says he has to make a nest for this love birds. He hears Sandeep talking to his GF again. He smiles. He turns and sees Preeti outside. He says if she is here, who is inside. Sandeep comes out with his wife Chitra and introduces Titu. His wife is Titu’s fan. Titu asks Sandeep how can he have affair when is he married. Sandeep says Preeti and I were in love and wanted to marry, but my dad gave promise to Chitra’s dad, I was helpless and married her, I was cheated to marry a mad woman, she is mentally disturbed and Preeti has supported me. Titu says don’t make stories, I have seen Chitra, she is fine. Sandeep says fine, If you don’t believe me, you will see truth soon.

Chitra gets angry seeing mirror and Sandeep consoles her. Titu looks on. Its night, Panchi tells Titu that his director is cheap to have an affair. Titu tells her everything. Panchi says whatever, he can’t have extra martial affair, he should have married Preeti if he loved her, now he has to keep his wife happy. Titu calms her and she beats him asking him not to take his side. He asks why are we fighting for them. She says its necessary that you work with good people. He laughs and says nothing will happen, Sandeep’s situation is bad, all are not lucky like me to get a lovely wife like Panchi.

Chitra acts and Sandeep says he is proud of her, she got good role to act like mad woman. He hugs her and thinks he got saved from Titu. Titu hugs Panchi. Its morning, Panchi wakes up and Titu surprises her by making breakfast for her. Panchi drinks the tea. He says its very sugary, and asks her to taste toast, it got burnt. She smiles and thanks him. She gives him a rose and says its perfect. He says like our cute relation. He gets his friend’s call and asks him to meet Sonam, she is nice girl. Panchi teases Titu while he is on call. Titu ends call.

Surekha asks everyone to come with her. Hema asks where are they going, and Dimple says the guy is coming to see Sonam here, we are thinking to get them engaged too. Vaishaili and Rekha get glad that kirtan got cancelled. Hema tells her plans. She says Bhagwati will manage everything. Vaishaili asks where is Sonam. Hema says she went to Titu’s shooting to thank him. Panchi and Surekha see each other.

Hema tells Titu that she won’t forget his favor, Gagan and Sonam liked each other. Titu says Gagan won’t be able to love Sonal. Gagan says yes, Titu is right.

Update Credit to: Amena

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