Tu Mera Hero 2nd June 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Rekha taunting Bhagwati. Bhagwati takes Vaishaili’s name and scares her. She smiles and leaves. Rekha sees the sweets and says I m dreaming, why are laddoos at home. She sees Titu and Golu having it and smiles. Titu does not let her eat it and shows the laddoos to know the next round details. She takes many ladoos and tells about Kavi Sammelan, Mukund is manager and has big duties. Titu says yes, whats special tomorrow. Rekha says she can’t tell him. Titu worries. Rekha says its new round tomorrow, she is also going. Titu asks Golu whats the round.

Rekha says she will not tell him, and tells about it. She says they will get words there and poets have to write poetry instantly. Titu smiles and asks her to have more laddoos. She blesses him. Titu leaves with Golu, as

his work is done. Titu talks to the moon and says its same like him, lazy and sleeping all the time. Panchi also talks to the moon and gives her message that she misses Titu a lot. Titu also misses Panchi and holds her pillow.

He says its strange, when he used to feel the space is less, and now he is missing her a lot and wishes Panchi was here with him. He imagines Panchi and smiles. Surekha comes to Govind and says she is going to visit temple for havan, and asks Rekha to come along. Rekha worries and says fine, I will come. Mukund signs Rekha. Govind blesses Mukund. Surekha asks him to work hard and Vaishaili will be with him to encourage. Rekha thinks she got stuck, how will she go in Kavi Sammelan. She signs Mukund to come and they go out. Bhagwati packs Sundar’s bag and gets money envelop. She gets stunned and thinks how did it come here. She recalls Keshav and Govind’s talk about money getting lost and counts it. She worries that Sudnar has stolen it and cries.

She gets angry and calls him. Rekha sends Sundar. Bhagwati asks him about the money and scolds him. Sundar is innocent and Rekha smiles looking on, as she has done all this. Bhagwati sends Sundar out and he cries. Panchi talks to Cheeni and asks whats special today, and tries to guess. Cheeni says she is running for 2 hours. Keshav asks Bhagwati what happened. She says nothing, your money 2000rs. He asks how did she get it. She says she got it while sweeping, give to Govind, he was worried.

Panchi asks Cheeni that she can’t make her run. Cheeni says please. Panchi asks how did she get this idea. Cheeni says I have to go and meet him. She convinces Panchi saying about love and hugs her. Titu and Golu reach the temple and pray. Titu starts his humor talk and says Panchi has asked me to work honestly and not cheat, but he is hiding and helping Gulgule. He sees Gulgule behind him. Gulgule asks him to listen to him and says his comic lines.

They ask Titu to come prepared in the evening. Gulgule passes the message indirectly and leaves. Titu says he has to do this for Panchi. Panchi cleans the place and Cheeni starts her drama. Cheeni faints and Panchi says she will take her. Surekha asks what happened to Rekha. Rekha says she has stomach ache and cries. She says she can’t come in havan with her. Surekha worries and asks her to take care. Rekha says she wanted to come to temple. Bhagwati says she will stay here and give her kada. Rekha says no, Bhagwati you go and pray for Sundar. She asks Surekha to take Bhagwati. Vaishaili says I can’t come without Rekha, I will be with her. Surekha says fine and leaves.

Vaishaili tells Rekha that they have gone and jokes with her. She says we will leave now. Rekha says she acted of stomach ache, and she really has ache. Panchi asks Cheeni does she have any plan to run. Cheeni asks her to help. Panchi thinks of some idea and smiles.

Panchi and Cheeni run from remand home, and come out in market. Titu is also there in changed getup.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. very nice episode..thanx for update amena …..Now lets see if tittu is able to recognise panchi and panchi recognises titu or not…Their true love will make them identify each other

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