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The Episode starts with Titu getting ready in morning. He does not find his clothes and looks around. Panchi comes and says she knows now he has started doing his work, he became hard working, but he can be lazy in few things, now her work starts. She helps him in dressing up and he smiles seeing her. She says this was her dream, thanks for making it true. He holds her face and says dream many now, I will fulfill each. He kisses her forehead and goes. Bhagwati asks Sundar to have some food. Panchi brings the hot jalebis. Surekha asks why is Sundar sitting upset. Bhagwati says he said he has stomach pain. Titu comes. Surekha asks Sundar to hear Titu, he will get fine.

Titu asks what happened. Bhagwati says he did not go school. Titu asks is this any excuse to not go to school, else your chocolate

cancel. Sundar says I don’t have pain. They all smile. Titu says school is imp, you should go, else you will become like me, then if you don’t get anyone like Panchi to change you. Sundar says fine. Titu says I will get chocolate for you. He asks Surekha to hurry up, he is getting late. Panchi serves halwa. Bhagwati says Keshav does not like halwa. Panchi says she made gujiya too. Rekha takes it and Bhagwati says ghee is not good for her. They smile.

Govind eats the halwa. Titu says he is done and Panchi signs him. Titu smiles and tells Govind about Golu’s marriage. They get happy. Surekha says I will go to Alankraj maharah and get mahurat. Rekha thinks why do they put expenses on them. Govind says it does not have sugar. Panchi tastes it and says sorry, I forgot to add sugar in hurry. He says fine, its tasty. She says Titu did not notice this. Surekha says yes, what happened now, he has eaten sugarless halwa. Govind says he has changed and they smile.

Rekha comes to Surekha and sits talking to her about mango pickles. Surekha goes with Pinky. Vaishaili comes to Rekha and asks where did they go. Rekha says store room, I have sent them. Vaishaili says recall whats in storeroom and rushes. Rekha says what did I do, whats there and recalls the stick and ticket. Titu goes to shop and Chandu asks Titu to sit in Govind’s place. Keshav says its Govind’s place. Govind says he is glad that his son is taking his place. Titu says no, it won’t look good. Govind says it was his dream to see him, fulfill my dream now, come, sit here. Keshav gets angry. Govind gives the safe keys to Titu.

He blesses Titu and goes for some work. Vaishaili and Rekha look on, as Surekha, Bhagwati and Pinky get the stick. Surekha says she will ask Govind about it, maybe its my dad in laws. They laugh. Vaishaili and Rekha get worried. Panchi calls Titu and asks him what will he have in lunch. He says anything you like, I m busy now and ends call. Panchi says she will make his fav food. Vaishali looks on and leaves.

Rekha goes to Surekha’s room and says Vaishaili has sent me here to steal the stick. She gets the stick and sees Govind coming. She hides and he looks for Surekha. He goes to see cupboard. He sees Hema’s pic and talks to it. He says he loves her a lot, and he can’t tell this infront of Surekha. He sings hame tumse pyaar kitna……….jee nai sakte tumhare bina……..

He hears Surekha and keeps the pic back. He leaves. Rekha comes and says his old love could have caught me, I will throw this stick out. Vaishaili asks Panchi to make any other dish. Panchi says I will make Titu’s fav dish and Pinky teases her. They laugh. Govind sees ladies buying vegs. He says he has come to take some papers and is leaving now. Rekha hides and looks on. Surekha bargains for the begs. Rekha says she is not seeing anyone, she will throw the stick from terrace and Vaishaili signs her. Rekha starts going.

Bhagwati says where is Rekha going. Rekha gets shocked seeing them. Bhagwati says Dada ji’s stick. Vaishali bumps into Panchi and makes her fall. Everyone run to see Panchi. Vaishaili asks Rekha to hide the stick. Surekha says I got this in store room, and gives it to Panchi to hold the stick and walk by its support. Rekha worries. Vaishaili thinks they got the stick, what will happen now.

Surekha asks Panchi did she feel Titu’s change weird. Panchi says he is not like before.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  5. this is the first serial i had ever seen which has not been dragged toooooooo much nd im just lovinnnnnnnnnnnn itttttt…………….plse dont end this showwww tooooo fast as they ended NAUC……there is no place for fab serials in star plus i think sooooo……..why dont they end yeh hai mohabbatein……worst serial but tops in trp………………..i want TMH to go for years n years

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