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The Episode starts with Rekha saying Mukund that Govind has spent lots of money for the useless son, he has gone ahead of Surekha. Govind and Surekha bring Titu there. Rekha says he has come. Mukund says see his face, there is something cooking, he is trying to run. Titu greets everyone and thinks Govind has spent a lot in this function than any big happiness celebrations. Panchi comes and asks Rachna how is she looking. Rachna says perfect. Panchi says I m getting nervous. Rachna teases her and says your eyes has pink love shining. Titu says I m seeing everything black infront of my eyes, I want to cry. Surekha says no, don’t cry, no one should know you are not happy with this marriage, I will make things fine, just keep smiling like this.

Rekha says girl’s family has come. Titu gives

a fake smile along with Surekha. Kamlesh and Govind hug. The relatives like the function. Kamlesh introduces his relatives. Panchi goes and greets Govind and Surekha by touching their feet. Surekha says be happy and keep others happy. Govnd asks Titu to touch feet. Titu greets Kamlesh and Pratibha. Arvind and his family comes and greet Kamlesh and Govind. Govind introduces Titu. Titu and Arvind hug and are happy meeting. Titu says you did not know me, but have forgive me by heart, see today we have linked today.

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Arvind asks where are the rest. Titu’s friends greet him. Chetan’s mum says Kamlesh you got good fate, your daughter is going good home. Rekha tells Surekha about Chetan’s mum, whom Panchi scolded a lot, I wish we could change decisions. Surekha says yes if this was possible, I would have told our mum in law to change her decision to make you my sister in law. Rekha says what, are you joking. Surekha says yes and they laugh. Bhagwati and Pinky talk to Panchi and say she is very lucky to get Titu. Bhagwati praises Titu a lot.

Govind asks Kamlesh and Arvind to sit. Panchi sits with Titu and he smiles. Govind sees them together and is glad. Titu looks for Surekha and signs her. She signs him to keep smiling. The guest say see them, both groom and his mum has same smile. Chetan’s mum thinks how did Panchi get such good proposal. Panchi and Titu talk via hearts and are mistaken about their feelings. They compliment each other. Surekha asks Titu’s friends to make Panchi busy. Golu goes to take pic with Panchi and Titu. Golu takes their pics and Surekha goes to Titu. She tells him that she will manage everything. She asks him to come fast and takes him. They bump into Govind and stop.

Govind asks where. They give wrong answers. Govind scolds Titu and says say its nonsense to someone else, I know your drama, you were running. Titu say where will I go by running. Titu addresses to everyone and starts his special program. Titu wins everyone’s hearts by saying what children should do for parents. Titu gives respect to Kamlesh and talks to everyone. He entertains them by his humorous talk. They all laugh. He then goes to Panchi and sits. Govind and Surekha present a dance act for the sangeet. Panchi and Titu also dance along. They all dance on the song Ranjhana hua mai tera……………. Everyone dance and Surekha takes advantage of everyone on the dance floor.
She takes Titu along. Panchi dances well and does not see Titu going. Surekha sends Titu with his friends. Panchi looks for him. The dance ends and everyone clap. Kamllesh’s mum gets unwell and he tells Govind that they will leave now. Pratibha asks Panchi to come. Rachna tells Chetan and his parents the same. They all leave. Panchi looks for Titu. Mukund asks Govind about Titu. They all look for him.

Govind asks Surekha where did Titu go, and scolds her. Rekha smiles and asks Pinky to message. Govind checks her phone and finds out where is Titu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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