Tu Mera Hero 2nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Panchi giving head massage to Govind and Pinky does for Titu. Titu compliments her and Panchi smiles. Govind says its fine now. Titu does some humor and says about losing hair. Govind throws something and Titu bumps into Panchi. She gets hurt and he apologizes. She gets an idea and says she is very hurt. She says what sorry. He says fine, get on my foot. She says no. He asks how will she forgive him. She asks him to study. He says fine, don’t get sad. She says study for two hours. He says one hour, one foot. She says fine, but full study. Govind smiles. Titu rests. Govind asks him to go. Panchi says come. Titu gets up and goes with her.

Panchi teaches Titu. He answers everything and she says she is really happy. She cleans the room and falls on him. They have an eyelock

and music plays…………… She says thanks. He says not welcome, don’t fall again and asks her what should we clean. She smiles and says there. He takes her on his chair. She cleans the things and he takes her asking where next. Manorama tells Chetan that she made Dal Makhani and Rachna added chilli in it, and wasted her efforts. She fills his ears against Rachna.

Chetan gets angry and says I will talk to her. She says no need. Rachna comes and says I m really sorry, I don’t know how did chilli get into the dish. Manorama says leave it now. Chetan says I m going to sleep. Rachna cries. Manorama leaves smiling thinking Rachna’s fate will sleep now. Its morning, Panchi makes Titu ready for the interview and he tells about the lie getting funny. She asks him not to joke more and he says sorry. She says its ok. She gives his wallet, hanky and watch. He says Surekha does this always, its her work. She says after marriage too. They smile. She gives his phone and they go downstairs.

Bhagwati ties the thread to his wrist. Govind tells Titu is ready and talks to Surekha on phone, giving all updates to her. Mukund gets angry and talks to Vaishaili. They all wish Titu all the best. Bhagwati says Panchi is making something special for you, come soon. Mukund says all the best Ashish. Titu says what and smiles. Panchi asks him to remember three things, food, rest, entertainment. Titu smiles and leaves with Golu.

Titu attends the interview and Panchi prays at home. Titu is given a paer and he reads the questions and smile. He asks where to give interview, I know everything. The man says you all have to give written test, the man who was coming to take interview did not come. Titu asks what, you mean writing everything and asks him to take interview. The man says no way, and gives them 3 hours. Everyone start writing. Titu gets lazy and asks the man to call his friend Golu, he will write his paper. The man says no. Titu asks why, I will say, he will write. The man says no. Titu says it means I have to write all this.

Panchi cooks special things for Titu and talks to Rekha. Rekha asks for me. Panchi says for you too. Govind is glad and says Surekha asked me to gift you, I don’t know, I took Pinky and got it, if you don’t like, tell her. She sees a dress. Pinky says you will surely like it, Surekha said you should wear something unique when Titu goes to America. Bhagwati taunts Rekha. Pinky asks Panchi to finish cooking and trial the dress. She says fine. Rekha scolds Pinky. Govind says Titu is very lucky that he got Panchi, they will see victory today, real victory is not far. She says I wish and do high five.

Golu and Titu come home. Govind is happy and calls out everyone being very excited. He asks how did he give interview, how did it go. Titu says he is very tired. Panchi comes wearing the new dress and smiles. Golu shows the question papers to her. She says Titu gave all answers to me. He says I remembered. She says it means you will pass 100%. Govind is glad and says great, and dances with Titu that he will pass. He says he will become special. Titu smiles. Rekha asks Mukund to see, its all because of his mistake. Titu gets Chetan’s call and tells Panchi. She asks him to put on speaker.

Titu tells Chetan that Panchi is coming. Chetan says he got the call from exam centre and he told me something shocking, you wrote just two answers and left paper blank. They all are shocked. Panchi comes and hears this. She gets sad when Chetan says Titu failed. Rekha smiles and Mukund too gets happy. Panchi asks Titu why did he not write when he knew all answers. He say they did cheating and said its not oral interview, they did not allow Golu too. Govind gets angry. He apologizes and says I can get everything in Mathura, my family is here, my destiny, so I left paper and came home, I m feeling sleepy now. Panchi cries.

Titu asks Panchi not to cry for such small thing. Panchi asks him what about him and goes crying.

Update Credit to: Amena

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