Tu Mera Hero 29th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Tu Mera Hero 29th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Panchi and Bhagwati waiting for Surekha for the aarti. They think maybe Surekha is worried for Rekha. Surekha hides and looks on. She says she has few days now, they have to get habitual to be without her. Bhagwati says I think Surekha is tired, we will decorate aarti plate till she comes. Panchi says we will start it and let Surekha rest today. Surekha comes there and asks them not to wait for them, she won’t come to tell them everything, they have to manage everything on their own. She feels sorry to be rude with her children and thinks she has to make everyone live without her.

Vaishaili takes care of Rekha and sits watching tv. Rekha asks her to feed her food. Vaishaili feeds her. Mukund comes and asks Vaishaili to iron her clothes. Vaishaili says ask Surekha,

she manages all this. He says she is not here, you iron it. She asks him to iron it himself. Surekha looks on. Mukund says I will feed badam to mum, you press the shirt. Surekha thinks its good Vaishaili will take care of Mukund. Mukund asks Rekha to get fine. Rekha asks him to switch to any good tv channel.

Vaishaili sees tv and keeps the iron. Mukund says its my interview today and sees the shirt burnt. He asks Vaishaili what did she do, and scolds her. Surekha thinks they all have to take care of Govind and Titu, how will Titu live without her. Its night, Panchi asks Titu to come and have food. Titu says food has to come to me, I m my mum’s son. Govind says you won’t change, still showin attitude, Surekha spoiled you. Surekha hears this and cries. Titu calls out Maiyya and asks her to give food. Surekha goes to him and feeds food. Govind says Surekha started spoiling him again. Titu hugs her.

Its night, Surekha comes to her room and rests to sleep. She cries talking to Govind, he says he got complete getting her as wife. She thinks she can get someone to give her place, and bring a new wife for him. Its morning, Sonam, Hema and Dimple see Rekha. Hema says she is fine now. Rekha asks for breakfast. Vaishaili gives her. Hema eats it and says don’t give her oily food. Sonam drinks the tea. Vaishaili says thanks, I will get khichdi for Rekha. Rekha does not get anything to eat.

Surekha prays and thinks what to do to get Govind remarried and with whom. She sits crying in temple and asks Lord to show her right path. She says she knows that dream was to make her prepare for this day. The bells start moving by wind and diya was getting blown off. Hema comes and saves the diya flame. Surekha smiles seeing her. Rekha shuts the door and eats the food as per her taste.

Surekha talks to Hema and likes her. Hema says she came to meet Rekha. Surekha thinks its sign from Lord, she saved diya and will manage my home after I die. Hema says she wants coconut oil. Surekha agrees and asks her to take it from her room, she has to see milk in kitchen, she can ask Govind if needed. Hema says fine.

Surekha talks to Hema and says after she dies, she worries for her home, she wants someone to manage it, and asks Hema to take her place. The family looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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