Tu Mera Hero 29th October 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Hero looking around. He does not see Rekha as he lost his lenses. He steps on Rekha’s hand. She gets hurt and signs him to move. He walks ahead and Vaishaili stops him. Hero asks did she know it. She says everyone knows you are Hero, Titu the superstar. He laughs. Vaishaili asks will he not tell anything about someone coming. He thinks its Panchi and he will praise her. He starts praising and they all see Surekha coming.

Vaishaili thinks can anyone praise mother like this. Surekha thinks Titu is joking on her. She pulls his ears and he gets shocked. He says sorry, I felt Panchi is coming. Panchi says I m here. Hero says yes. Surekha says I know your mischief. Hero says I will go and falls by colliding with furniture. Surekha asks him to be careful. Surekha blesses

Panchi and says Titu was joking. Rekha says I don’t find this right, he is not identifying family. Surekha says yes, its fine, just tonight, after Karwachauth, we will make him drink spiritual water.

The guests come in the function and say its Panchi and Vaishaili’s first Karwachauth, where is Titu, will he come with moon. Surekha says no, he will be here. Govind recalls and thinks he has gone for buying gift for Panchi. He says Titu and moon will come on time, lets celebrate, I will play dhol. He plays dhol and they all laugh.

Panchi thinks Titu used to make everyone laugh, where is he. Titu runs on the road. Panchi dances with everyone and looks at the door. Mukund shows the moon to Vaishaili. They all clap. Govind sees time and waits for Titu. Hero says he did good to come outside, he can’t meet Panchi’s eyes, he can’t break Panchi’s trust and can’t cheat them. He will stay outside and go home after puja ends. Rekha says Panchi, Titu did not come till now, puja mahurat is passing. Panchi recalls Titu and thinks where is he. Titu falls down and opens eyes. He gets up and proceeds to home, while Hero passes time outside in some lane. Panchi sees the moon through the net, while all ladies does the moon sighting ritual.

Panchi sees Titu through the net and smiles. The family gets glad seeing him. Music plays……….. Titu comes to Panchi and smiles seeing his family after a long time. Tujhe dekha to ye jana sanam…………….plays………… Panchi completes the rituals. Titu makes her drink water and breaks her fast. She holds his face and gets teary eyed. She hugs him and everyone clap. He thinks where is Hero, I have to catch him, without telling Panchi and everyone, I can’t risk their lives. He hugs Surekha and Govind.

Govind asks where is the gift, I have sent you to get gift for Panchi. Titu laughs and says I will get gift in sometime. Surekha says come to have food. Titu says I love you Maiyya and hugs Surekha. Titu says I will just come. Rekha thinks where did Titu go. Titu looks for Hero. Rekha sees him and asks why did he come here. He says he has come to get sherwani cleaned. She says you went in other clothes. He thinks Rekha kept eye on Hero. He fools her and leaves. Hero comes home and Juhi sees him.

She says how is Titu coming from outside, I have seen him going upstairs. Hero says its good puja is done, he can see things now, as he got new lenses, he will make Juhi have bhaang and get password from her, so that I can leave from here. He hides the bhaang bottle from her and keeps it in tulsi plant. Rekha sees him in different sherwani and asks him to rest. She thinks whats happening and gets the bhaang bottle. She thinks this is kept by Surekha and will make Titu drink this.

Titu tells Panchi that Hero is his doppelganger, he came here to take password from Juhi. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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