Tu Mera Hero 29th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Tu Mera Hero 29th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Titu taking the cloth and leaving with a smile. Everyone clap for him. The girls say they lost. Golu and Cheeni go next to play. Titu sees Panchi and smiles. He goes and Panchi looks for him. He comes and stands near her. He asks was she finding him. Cheeni wins by fooling Golu. The girls clap. Golu says Titu should win in theird round now and cheers for him. Titu and Panchi go to play and they bend to pick the cloth having an eyelock. She slips and he holds her. Music plays…………

The kid asks where did the cloth go. Titu looks at Panchi. Golu says did it get blown by air. Panchi shows the cloth and smiles. The girls get happy. Titu recalls how she took by when he held her. Titu stops her holding her hand and colors fall on him. She recalls the words when Titu sat

as a fortune teller. He draws her close and hugs her. Someone showers flowers on them. Golu and Cheeni smile seeing them. Tere bin o sanam………..plays………… Titu says see this time I did not do anything, Lord did this for true love.

She starts leaving and he stops her. Haan hasi bangaye………….. tum mere aasmaan meri zameen bangaye…………plays……….. They dance. She recalls Gulgule’s blame of theft on Titu. He holds her face.

She holds him and leaves from there. Kamlesh says he has booked Panchi’s ticket with Rachna. Panchi comes and says she wants to go Mumbai, and cries. She says she wants to go away from here. Rachna asks why does she show immature behavior. Kamlesh asks her not to worry. Rekha brings the pakodas and asks Surekha to have it. Sundar talks to Bhagwati. Titu comes home and everyone look at him.

Sundar says he has played Holi. Titu says he is trying to become strong. Rekha asks how did he get wet. She says about his childhood, when he got wet in rain when he was 2 years old. He says everything is fine, he is trying to rectify his mistakes done in 24 years, he wants to bring Panchi back. Panchi packs her bag. Cheeni says its wrong, it looks like she is leaving being stubborn, Titu has changed for him, he is trying hard to make her sure, is she not seeing this.

She says you can’t leave love and go, its not fair. Panchi throws the album and leaves with her bag. Cheeni says it looks she is very annoyed and Titu can stop her, I have to inform Titu. Bhagwati and Pinky take care of Titu’s cold and fever. Nikhattu………….plays……….. Titu drinks the soup by her hand. Bhagwati asks Titu did he do all this for Panchi. Surekha hears this. Titu says I should have done this before, I got peace today.

Govind comes and hears them. Golu says Titu did all the arrangements and went infront of Panchi with his planning, he did not lose. He says Titu has run a lot today. Titu smiles. Golu asks them to see him smiling, and he works hard, I pray that love should not happen to me. Bhagwati says its love, the one who is in love knows, Panchi will see his true love as she has also done true love. Titu sneezes. Golu checks temperature again. Cheeni calls Golu and says Panchi is leaving for Mumbai today. Titu gets shocked. Everyone hear this. Cheeni asks Titu to stop her. They all get worried. Golu asks what to do now. Titu gets thinking.

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  1. jasmine

    waaaao episode… 🙂 priyanshu is looking.. waaaoo… so very hawte…very good acting by both of them..panchi looks ok ok..next door type girl..but then also..she manages to look beautiful.. and her acting compliments..her beauty.

  2. jasmine

    this comment is for today’s 30th june episode… aur ye panchi aur uske papa…..matlab kuch bhi…

  3. sanjana

    Plzz let me no which song was played at d tym of teto n panchi’s eye lock… Tu mera hero episode of 29the June…I just luv DAT song but now not able to rwcongnizw which song it was…plzz let me no

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