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The Episode starts with Alankraj saying he has seen the pandit’s truth today and scolds them, acting innocent. He says he was leaving for yatra today and wanted to give ashram’s responsibility to them. Surekha and Titu get in his words. Panchi says he is acting. Titu asks her to be quiet. Maharaj wishes Surekha trusts him, and apologizes to her, acting sweet and helpless seeing this. She says no, don’t apologize, you bless us. Panchi asks how is Maharaj different from them. Surekha says he is pure soul.

Surekha says Maharaj is our Guru, he has done a lot for us and apologizes to him. Maharaj gets happy. She asks him to forget this, as its good that he has seen the pandit’s truth, they will do yagya for Titu, at any good mahurat. She asks her to rest and stops Panchi. Panchi tells Titu

that he is lying. Titu goes and recalls her words. She comes to him and he says he is confused, he can’t listen to her now. She sees a pandit coming to meet Maharaj, and asks Titu to come along.

Keshav brings a gift for Sundar and Sundar likes it. He goes out. Keshav gifts Bhagwati a beautiful saree and she gets happy. He says this color will suit you a lot. She asks whats the occasion. He says he is very happy, he will proof he is suitable to run the shop alone and make it reach new heights, he got a big deal of double benefits. She asks him to check well. He says fate took him there. She smiles.

Panchi and Titu hear Alankraj and pandit talking. Alankraj says all the truth and Titu is shocked. Panchi asks him to see. The pandit says Panchi has told them about gold coin shower. Alankraj says does she doubt us, everyone will have eyes on us, we have to be careful. Titu moves and a side table falls. The pandit goes to see. Panchi and Titu go away. The pandit says there is no one. Alankraj thinks to solve the problem before Panchi fails him.

Titu cries and says this man is cheating our family since long time, we could not see this. Panchi says you are innocent. He says I was so lazy and could not see anything, how can he cheat any devotee and Lord. Panchi pacifies him. He thanks her for coming in his life and showing him the right way. He says he will support her in exposing Maharaj, now he will run from here, just see. She says Maharaj can use this and make Surekha against us, then we can’t do anything. He says he has a solution.

Surekha says I can’t believe how the pandits have done this. Govind talks to her and pacifies her. She says she can’t doubt Maharaj, but she is sad seeing the pandits. She goes and he says when she sees Maharaj’s true face, she will break, and this is the reason why he has not shown her the true face of Maharaj, as he does not wish to hurt her, because of Titu, he will not let Titu’s life get ruined, I won’t let him go there, I will spend lakhs, but Titu will never go Mumbai, Panchi can try to expose Maharaj, but she won’t be able to do so.

He hears Titu and Panchi fighting. Maharaj smiles and thinks he does not need to do anything now. Titu acts and scolds Panchi. Govind thinks Panchi could not end Titu’s superstitions. Titu defends Maharaj and Surekha also scolds Panchi for doing all this by planning. She says how can Panchi think this, Panchi became her bahu because of Maharaj, and asks her to remember that they know Maharaj since many years. Rekha thinks she would have made Rekha Sadan, if she followed him.

Surekha explains Panchi and makes her apologize to Maharaj. Panchi apologizes to Maharaj. Govind thinks he can’t believe she lost so soon, its good anyways. Maharaj forgives Panchi and asks her not to make fun of anyone’s devotion. Panchi apologizes to Govind. He thinks he is sad that Panchi will also have to act to regard Maharaj as good saint. He forgives her. Panchi apologizes to Surekha. Maharaj thinks Panchi has fallen and will dare to do this again. Surekha asks Panchi not to do this again and hugs her. Titu signs Panchi and smiles.

Govind tells Panchi that he has spent 10lakhs and stopped Titu from going Mumbai. Panchi thinks it still has to be decided and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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