Tu Mera Hero 29th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Panchi coming to the cow and telling Surekha that she is ready. Sundar says he made the essay ready and says its on father, as she told it should be for someone special. Keshav looks on. Bhagwati smiles. Rekha comes there and asks will she not cook. Bhagwati says one min, and hears Sundar. Sundar says good things about Keshav. Keshav smiles being glad. Sundar says my idol is my dad, I want to become like him, my Papa is the best. Bhagwati says very good and claps. She hugs him. Sundar says Papa.. Rekha asks Bhagwati to come to kitchen. Bhagwati says I have to go and drop Sundar to school.

Keshav says he will drop Sundar to school its his duty. Bhagwati thinks he is accepting her, now I should think about the baby. Rekha thinks Bhagwati trapped Keshav. Rekha says now

it will be fun and wishes all the best to Vaishaili. Govind blesses both bahus. Surekha wishes all the best to Panchi. Panchi thanks her. Titu comes and greets them. Panchi goes to him and asks will he not wish. He says why not. Titu gives his humor theory and Ruhi comes to him. Panchi smiles and he asks her to give the best try.

Surekha hugs him and he says he is going now, and says bye to everyone, take care. They think he is going to shop while Titu is going forever. Ruhi says her work and motive is over, thanks to Panchi, she did what she wanted. Titu waves bye to her and leaves with Ruhi. Golu manages the shop and Surekha asks Panchi to start the task now. Manorama and Rachna come to see the shooting and like the lavish sets and vanity van. Titu’s clothes are also there. Vaishaili removes the milk from the cow and Panchi fails to do so. Govind asks Panchi not to be afraid. Panchi thinks why is she unable to get the cow milk.

Manorama and Rachna go to see the shooting. Ruhi and Titu do the act. Titu opens eyes and sees Manorama and Rachna. The director asks make up man to make Titu’s beard right. Panchi requests cow to give the milk and cries. She says Titu’s future and her dreams will end if she fails.

Panchi smiles as the cow starts giving the milk. Surekha and everyone are shocked. Govind says great Panchi. Panchi thanks the cow. Manorama and Rachna meet the actors and go to take selfies with them. They go to Titu and he hides his face. Manorama asks him to pose well. The man asks them to go and she says one more. She says lets go Rachna and they go away. She checks the pics in her phone. They find him similar to Titu and are puzzled. Manorama says its Titu. Rachna is shocked.

Surekha asks Vaishaili how did this happen. Rekha says you failed and Panchi won. Panchi shows the bucket full of milk. Pinky says she won, as she removed double the milk Vaishaili removed. Govind claps for her. They all clap for Panchi. Govind says today Panchi won by her determination. He says they will use the milk for puja. He says his decision to choose her as their bahu is proved right by her again. He asks Surekha does she agree that Panchi is sarvagunn samparn. Surekha smiles.

Manorama comes with Rachna and greets everyone. Panchi smiles nad greets Rachna. Manorama says Panchi looks very happy, as she has a reason for happiness. Rachna asks Panchi to come, she needs to talk. Manorama stops Rachna and says whats the need to go inside, this should be told to everyone. She tells everyone about Titu’s acting as Bhishma Pitama. Rekha says we did not know this. Manorama asks does she not know this, did Titu not say anyone at home. She says I felt you all have hidden from me. Everyone get shocked knowing about Titu and Manorama asks Panchi to be happy as her husband turned to hero from zero. Govind gets angry. She shows the pics to everyone zznd asks them to see Titu.

Kamlesh comes and confronts Govind. He says we came to take Panchi, she will not stay here now. Vaishaili smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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