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The Episode starts with Rekha and Surekha talking on the way about old times. Surekha says Sasuma used to praise you and you used to laugh, I did not forget how she taunted me. Rekha says I just said to Mishra when she said about Sasuma. She says I did not like Sasuma. Rekha jokes on her Sasuma and praises Surekha. Surekha asks is she saying true or applying cheese. Rekha says she is saying true and they laugh. Their Sasuma appears infront of them and they both get shocked. Rekha asks is this Sasuma’s soul. Their Sasuma scolds them and says she always keeps an eye on them, they were backbiting about her, did they end fear of their mum in law.

Surekha says go now, we won’t be afraid now, we are also of your status now, we have become good Saas. Rekha says yes, actually. Her Sasuma asks

what did I hurt you. Surekha asks Rekha to say the truth. Rekha says you are a clever old woman. Their Sasuma screams and Rekha faints. Surekha gets tensed. Sasuma asks Surekha to come with her to Lord, she will give her love. Surekha says I won’t come, I want to stay here and faints. Surekha wakes up by this bad dream and looks at herself. She says it was such a scary dream, Sasuma did not change after going to Lord, she is scaring in dreams too. She sees its 4am and says 4am dream happens true, will I die really.

She starts crying and does not see Govind there. She goes to see him outside and calls out Titu and Panchi. She goes to see Rekha and finds her in kitchen. She thinks its just Rekha and me, it means we are gone. She says no…. Panchi asks Rekha what happened, did tea fall. Surekha moves Rekha. Rekha asks Surekha why did she pinch. Surekha thanks Lord. Panchi comes and sees them. Panchi says Hema is unwell, Sonam told us. She asks Surekha is she fine. Surekha says yes.

Govind, Bhagwati, Keshav and Mukund, Vaishaili are at Hema’s house and take care of Hema. Govind worries as Hema has 103 fever. Rekha comes there. Mukund says he will bring medicines. Sonam says ofcourse, I will tell you. Govind says we are in neighborhood. Dimple says she will come to make Kada. Bhagwati and Vaishaili take their husbands and leave. Govind asks Hema to get well soon and goes. Pari says she is very lucky to come in this house as bahu and holds Sundar. Bhagwati says don’t say so. Rekha asks Pari to read their star forecast. Rekha asks Bhagwati to have bahu whom she does not like. Bhagwati says she is not my bahu.

Surekha comes and asks whats happening. Rekha says they are reading forecast. Surekha asks about her stars. Bhagwati asks how did Surekha believe in all this. Surekha says its not a problem to read it. Pari says your world can change by some incident. Bhagwati says Surekha don’t get into this, Rekha reads for timepass. Panchi says yes, don’t worry, ask your heart. Surekha gets tensed.

Panchi tells Titu that something is troubling Surekha. Surekha talks to her Sasuma’s pic. Titu asks Panchi to talk to Surekha and try to know, he will give medicines to Hema aunty. Panchi says it looks we all became her private nurse. He hugs her. She asks him to go. He tickles her. Rekha comes to Surekha and says its limit, Hema got unwell and all our family is taking care of her. Surekha says let it go, its good to help others worried. Rekha thinks what did Surekha eat in breakfast.

Surekha asks Rekha to tell her if she is unwell, I will just come. Rekha thinks she wants to support Hema. Rekha sees Sasuma’s pic and asks what did she teach Surekha, and calls her old woman. Panchi and Titu talk to Govind. Govind says I m older, why is it not happening to me. Panchi says mum needs you and your time, I think she is complaining to Lord about you. He asks with whom I m. Surekha sits in temple and prays for her long life, as she did not see her grandchildren. She says just 5mins for the 12 hours to get over, and after it the dream will not get true. Panchi asks Govind to take Surekha on date. Rekha falls down and holds her chest. Govind asks how did she fall. Surekha worries and recalls Sasuma and her dream.

The family takes care of Rekha and say she will be fine, as doctor has checked her. Govind says you maybe tired. Surekha wonders that Rekha got heart attack as per her dream, everyone is worried, they both have less time, they will die now. She cries recalling Govind and Titu. She prays Lord to give her strength.

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