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The Episode starts Surekha giving notes to Rekha and Panchi, and saying its for Alankraj Maharaj to thank him as a favor for his puja. Titu says he wants to give 10rs from his hard earned money. She asks why not, he will be glad, he does not have interest in money. She asks everyone to come. Panchi says she has to prove the truth, as 10rs will not be sufficient. Titu says lets see, does Surekha’s trust wins or your doubt. Parekh meets Sundar outside his school and talks to him. He becomes his friend and Sundar says his mum asked him not to talk to any stranger. Parekh says your dad is going to become my friend, will you talk to me then. Sundar nods and leaves.

Everyone put 100rs notes for maharaj, and Titu puts just 10rs. Panchi puts 500rs. Maharaj asks does she wish anything. Panchi says

she wants to keep yagya and he agrees, saying 11 pandits are needed for it. Panchi says yes, it will be much blessings on Titu. Govind thinks why is Panchi doing this, she is showing belief in Maharaj, instead of exposing him. Surekha asks Panchi about it. Panchi says she will fulfill Titu’s dream. Surekha says I m lucky to get bahu like you.

She thanks Maharaj and asks him to do the yagya to remove hurdles from Titu’s life. Maharaj asks her to call 11 pandits from his ashram and blesses Panchi. Titu asks Panchi to come. Keshav goes to the hotel and meets Parekh. He returns the file and says you left it at the shop. Parekh thanks him. Keshav asks can he ask anything, if he does not feel bad. He asks about his work, what was he saying. Parekh says he has business of temple jewelry, and his client is from US.

Keshav asks how much to invest for this and falls in his trap. Titu and Panchi invite 11 pandits at home. She says she will have a special place at her home, where gold coins will be showering at exact time, and then we will get blessings. They all feel happy. Titu says I know its strange, but its mannat of her uncle. She asks them to come. The pandit says it does not matter its gold coin or leaf petals, we will come and bless you.

Rekha and Surekha are doing arrangements. Rekha loves mangoes. Surekha jokes on her. Govind comes there and makes her wear the necklace.

Surekha says she believes Maharaj and everything will be fine, Titu’s problems will be gone. Panchi and Titu come home. Panchi says sorry, today mum’s belief will break. Titu says he wants Panchi to be wrong, as mum has immense faith in Alankraj Maharaj. The pandits sit for th yagya. Maharaj starts it and they all pray. Titu and Panchi wait and look on. Panchi brings some gold coins, fake ones and Rekha asks what does she have. Govind thinks maybe Panchi has some plan. Panchi says she has gold coins in the bag and asks Golu to keep it.

One of the pandit makes rounds and everyone look on. Panchi signs Golu. Maharaj asks all the pandit to start the yagya. Panchi smiles. A pandit says he wants to change his place, as he is finding his seat uncomfortable. Maharaj says why not, and lets them swap places. This goes on again and again, and all the pandits try to sit where the gold coins will fall. Maharaj asks all of them to sit on their place. He says the time, and says its 6 mins for the mahurat. Titu gets angry seeing them getting restless for the coins. They all see Golu with the bag. The pandits start changing positions again.

Surekha and everyone get puzzled. The pandits start fighting and Panchi counts down. Titu is sad seeing them. Maharaj calms them and asks why do they want to sit there. The pandit says gold coins are going to fall there and I will sit here, as I m the eldest. They all fight. Maharaj looks on shocked. Golu throws the coins from the balcony. Panchi asks Titu to watch this. Surekha asks why are pandits doing this for gold coins. The pandits fight for the coins and pick them. Govind smiles.

Surekha gets shocked and starts crying. Maharaj asks them to stop it, and asks all of them to stand on thir place. He asks whats this drama. Panchi asks Surekha and Titu to see their real face, this is their truth. Maharaj says Panchi is right, their truth is out. Rekha says we are pure hearted than them. Maharaj scolds the pandit. Govind thinks Maharaj is acting well and is very clever. Panchi asks Maharaj why is he scolding them, he is the one who taught them. They all look at Maharaj.

Titu asks Panchi why did she do this planning. Surekha cries and says Panchi got Titu because of Maharaj.

Update Credit to: Amena

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