Tu Mera Hero 28th February 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Surekha and Manorama having an argument. Titu tells Golu that he is tired and gives his reasoning that he will sit on stairs and can get down and up to have food. Panchi asks why did he stop there. Titu says I can’t walk now, I will come down after having coconut water, if I take this down, everyone will divide it. Surekha and Govind ask Panchi to come down, as Titu wants to talk to Golu. Panchi gets tea for them. Rekha tells them what Panchi and Titu did, and reports everything, laughing. Panchi says whatever happened was by Titu, and the work done by perfection is good, else its not fun. Govind says great. Panchi says we can rest daily, such chances can’t be got often.

Golu holds the coconut and Titu is tired drinking it, as it has much water. Golu says he has

fun seeing his video, he looked the video and shows him on phone. Titu laughs seeing the Tujhe to ye jana sanam……….He asks him to send it to everyone. Golu says he has done this work before he said and smiles. Keshav cries in bathroom and Bhagwati comes to him.

Keshav treats his wounds. He acts rude to her and she gets puzzled by his behavior. She makes him turn and removes his shirt to treat his wounds. He looks at her and he recalls the goon’s words. She says you are angry recalling their words, and don’t remember what I said, whatever I said was by my heart. He says you feel I take care of my family, see who is taking care of me here. She says how to explain you, this does not matter what they think about us, you should care that your wife is happy with you or not, I m happy.

She says when my husband died leaving Sundar with me, I did not think I will get chance to relive, and I married you, you changed my life, I know you are upset with your state, but any woman would be lucky to get you. She cleans his hand and says I don’t care what others say, you are not handicapped in my eyes, you are an ideal husband and a good man, I respect you a lot. She cries and asks him to believe her.

Keshav looks at her as she holds his hand. Govind smiles seeing the video. Manorama sees the video and makes faces. Surekha laughs. Titu tells about Panchi and praises her, saying she is your bahu now. Panchi smiles. Manorama says so shameful and taunts them. She says how is this mother in law that she is enjoying her son and bahu’s dance. Surekha argues and asks whats wrong in this, if they don’t love in this age, will they love in your age. Manorama says you will regret, and argues. Rekha smiles seeing them argue.

Mukund comes to Vaishaili and looks at her room. He smiles seeing the rich comforts and says its too good. He orders the servant and enjoys his stay at her house. He orders orange juice and laughs, saying he got everything, that he has left Titu behind. He calls Rekha and tells her everything. She asks how can he do this to become Ghar Jamai, what will the world say. Mukund asks her to come and stay with her, be queen and order everyone. Rekha says this will be good, and says whats wrong in bringing Ghar Jamai, the whole world becomes that. Mukund says yes, the house is so big, you come here, you will look queen and Surekha will look maid. Rekha smiles.

Rekha imagines that she is queen and Surekha as maid, massaging her feet. Surekha asks her what did Mukund say, and why is she worried. Rekha thinks Surekha can’t do anything, she will say Panchi calmly about Titu’s truth, and scolds her back, asking her not to be spy. Surekha asks is she fine. Rekha acts more rude. Panchi starts leaving, and Rekha stops her saying she wants to say a big truth today. Surekha thinks what is it. Rekha says the truth is that will shock your senses. She looks at Surekha angrily.

The families are back to home and Chetan hits a man by his car. The family panics seeing the man injured.

Update Credit to: Amena

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