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The Episode starts with Titu trying to find Panchi by using binoculars. The ladies laugh seeing him. Sudheer comes to Pinky and asks why is she crying, does she not want to marry him, he will keep her happy after marriage if she is not happy now. He asks her to wear the bangle silently. She says no. Titu asks where is Panchi, and sees Sudheer and Pinky. Pinky thros the bangles. Sudheer asks her to wear it, else he will die. She cries and wears the bangles. Titu gets shocked seeing this. Bhagwati asks what happened, did he get Panchi, she will also see, and takes the binoculars. She gets shocked seeing Sudheer and Pinky in the room.

Sudheer asks Pinky to sit and asks her to agree with love next time. He leaves. Pinky cries and throws the bangles. Titu and Bhagwati come to her. Pinky cries and

hugs Titu. Titu says he has seen what happened here, what was all this. Bhagwati says you and Sudheer love each other right, you are marrying by your wish, then… Pinky says no, I hate Sudheer, I was scared. Titu says forgive me, someone is troubling you and we could not know, Panchi told me that Pinky is not happy, but I did not understand, no one to worry or be afraid now, Sudheer will be troubled now, he will pay a price for this.

Govind and Surekha also come there and say such a big cheat, Sudheer was trapping our daughter, we will break the marriage. Titu says yes. Govind says he is very ashamed, he did not ask her and did not knew the truth, he believed the newspaper pic and did mistake, forgive me. Pinky says forgive me, I could not say being afraid.

Surekha hugs her and asks her not to cry, as her family is always with her, they will not do her marriage with that bad guy, she is their daughter. Govind says your father is alive, I will see who tries to harm you. Pinky hugs him. The ladies taunt Rekha about Pinky and congratulate her for fixing Pinky’s marriage. They praise the guy for coming to marry Pinky. Rekha says yes, he is very nice guy, he is a prince. Titu sees this and stops Govind. Rekha taunts the lady about her daughter’s broken alliance. Titu says if we stop marriage, Pinky will get defamed, Sudheer made his good image, we have to think well, Sudheer is smart.

Govind says yes, we have to do this in time, its Pinky’s life, we have to teach a good lesson to Sudheer that he should not trap any girl, we have to make Sudheer refuse. Its morning, Sudheer and Pinky’s engagement starts. Surekha signs Pinky and Pinky makes Sudheer wear the ring. Everyone clap. Sudheer also makes her wear the ring. Panchi signs Pinky to smile. She signs Titu to start their drama. Titu screams and Sudheer looks at him.

Surekha says she has a ritual at home, and gives a gift to Sudheer, saying it will be of use to him in future. Titu brings juice for Sudheer. Sudheer thanks him. Titu thinks Sudheer will get in trouble. He says I came to thank you, as you are a very good guy, and makes her juice fall over his shirt. He says he has to clean the shurt, and removes it. He shows the beating marks on his back. Sudheer asks whats this mark all over the back. Titu says Panchi mad less salty daal and she has beaten me. Sudheer says I did not understand. Titu says you are innocent, I did mistake to tell Panchi about it, I should have just eaten it, now she will beat me that the shirt got spoiled. Sudheer says you are joking and smiles.

Titu says no, this is rule in our house, women rule in our house. Sudheer says I don’t understand, explain me. Titu says why to explain, your number will come, you got stick in engagement as gift, Pinky will beat you after marriage, and shows him the stick, saying its our ancestral stick, all women beat men here, see this. Sudheer says this does not happen, does anyone give stick as gift. Titu says it happens when someone beats, and cries. He leaves.

Sudheer sits thinking and hears Govind screaming. He goes out and sees Surekha beating Govind by some stick. Govind runs over the bed. Surekha says she is angry, how did he do this mistake. Sudheer holds the head. Surekha apologizes to Govind and asks is he hurt. Mukund comes to his office and greets his boss. His boss says he called so many times, where was he busy. Mukund says sorry, it was my sister’s engagement, tell me the work. The boss says the case was imp, we hired another lawyer, you took the chance very light, and fires him. Mukund is shocked.

Titu asks Bhagwati will he come. Bhagwati says yes, Panchi is keeping an eye on him. Panchi calls Titu and says he is coming. Titu and Bhagwati ask Pinky not to be scared and hide there in room. Sudheer comes to Pinky with the stick and says he has come to know about her weird family, but he will take her away, she does not know how much he loves her, he can get beaten up for her love, he can even die for her and sits on knees asking her to take the stick. He leaves.

Bhagwati asks what did this happen. Titu says our plan failed. Bhagwati says what will we do now. Titu says its just one plan failing, we will have some way to make Sudheer refuse for marriage. He says Pinky has tied rakhi to me for this day, don’t worry, your brother will pay for rakhi very well. She hugs him.

Its night, Rekha gives the jewelry to Pinky and says your dad made this for you. Vaishaili asks from where did she get this now. Rekha laughs and says a mum can get her heart out for her daughter, she will give her everything to Pinky. She blesses Pinky. Pinky thinks she knows mum’s emotions are true and regrets to stop this marriage and her dreams. Titu gives an idea to stop the marriage. Govind says this is strange. Titu asks Surekha to talk to Pinky and give her strength. Surekha says yes, I will talk to her, but Rekha is very happy, we have to hide this, else Rekha will get shattered. Titu asks them not to worry, the way and result will be right.

Panchi asks Titu to manage. Titu says he is not memorizing lines. She asks him not to put pressure on brain. He says he is very sharp. She smiles.

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