Tu Mera Hero 28th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Surekha scolding Panchi for calling Titu lazy, is she Sarvagunn Samparn, she gave this cow duty to her so that she understands no one is perfect, they can’t do everything, its just perfect Lord who stays up, like she can’t do this work, likewise Titu does not like to work, she will never call her son Nikhattu now. Panchi cries. Titu asks Ruhi what is she thinking. Ruhi says I want to unite two lovers and he will help her. He asks how, dad will not leave me. She says she will support him even in jail. He says great, real love started but I regret to inform you that she realized this very late.

He says I m better here. She says seriously, we will run away. He asks what and thinks what will I do if shooting ended, I have to sit in shop now. Panchi stops Surekha and

says if she got this challenge from her, she will accept it. She says but I will do anything to make Titu’s future good, and not make him lazy. She says if she proves this by failing the cow, then it will prove a human can do anything by hardword and determination, I will take the milk from the cow and then ask Titu to work. She says she loves Titu a lot, maybe less than her.

She says she respects him and leaves. Surekha thinks. Vaishaili worries seeing Panchi’s confidence. Titu tells Ruhi that he agrees to elope, as she loves him, she is his first love and we will run from Mathura. Ruhi smiles. Vaishaili asks Surekha what happened. Surekha says she knows Panchi, she will get rid of her fear. Vaishaili says how can she do this so soon. Surekha says she will not lose, she is confident. Panchi comes to temple and prays.

Surekha says Panchi is determined. They see her with the cow. Rekha comes and asks whats Panchi doing, it will be fun to see. Panchi goes to tie thread to the cow and recalls how she shared this problem with Titu. Titu asks her not to be afraid of cow and whats fear of the animal. He says how to get rid of fear, close your eyes and listen to me, fear scares those who are afraid, prove that you are not afraid. He asks her to be strong and then open her eyes. She opens eyes and Rekha asks what mantra is she saying. Panchi recalls Titu’s words and goes near the cow.

Titu encourages her all the while till she conquers over her fear, She ties the thread. Rekha says now she will get the hit. Panchi succeeds. Surekha says I told you Panchi will not lose. Vaishaili thinks she will make Panchi lose. Panchi thanks the cow for becoming her friend. Rekha talks to Surekha and smiles, seeing her annoyed. Titu comes home and says great. Panchi thanks him as he made this possible. She gets happy and suddenly Ruhi comes after him. She gets sad seeing her.

She asks Titu did he come with her. He says no, I came alone, I m with you. Ruhi asks him to come with her and he gets tensed. He jokes and says he can see questions in her eyes and jokes. He goes. Panchi thinks she should not doubt on him, and smiles. Sundar asks Bhagwati to help him in speech. She sees Keshav and asks him to write on someone. Sundar asks on whom. Bhagwati describes a father and asks him to write on Keshav. Sundar says he understood and goes to make the speech ready.

Surekha says Panchi is not determined to do this and says she has to do something now. She sees Ruhi and thinks where is she going, why is she staying with us. She stops her. Rekha comes and Surekha says she was finding you and diverts Ruhi. They make Ruhi busy in the oldies talk and she sends Rekha to make tea for her. She asks Ruhi to come with her and takes her. Rekha gets angry on Surekha. Panchi comes to take out the milk from the cow, and Surekha makes Vaishaili take the milk out fast. Vaishaili says its done. Surekha says now Panchi will fail to take out the milk. Panchi comes there and looks at them.

Ruhi acts with Titu. Titu is shocked seeing Manorama and Rachna. They take pics with him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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