Tu Mera Hero 27th June 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Golu being hungry and eating a corn. The beggar blesses him and asks for money. Cheeni comes and gives the money. Titu comes and smiles seeing them. He thanks her for helping her. She says I value true love. He tells his plan. Surekha tries to know will Titu bring Panchi home or not. Govind comes to her and asks her not to have hope in weak strings, else her wishes will break and she will get shattered. Cheeni brings Panchi in market. Titu dresses as a fortune teller. Golu sits with him with changed look. Panchi’s dupatta falls on Titu.

Cheeni stops her and asks Panchi to show her hand to Baba. Panchi says I don’t believe all this. Cheeni insists. Titu sees Panchi’s hand. Music plays…………… He caresses her hand and Golu coughs signing Titu to stop. Titu

says Panchi will make anyone progress and get his destination. He says she will meet the one whom she loves and accept him this time as he also loves her. Panchi sees its Titu and Golu, and asks really? Golu acts and Panchi says you are his Bhakt, and this is Titu. She removes his moustache and asks whats the next plan, make filmi scene and Golu would help him. She says will he lie to win her love and leaves. Titu gets sad and says he will get Panchi in his love.

He sees few kids playing and gets an idea. Nikhattu……………plays………..He asks Golu to call Cheeni. Rekha asks Vaishaili not to worry, no one goes in old room where she has hidden the stick. Vaishaili sees Bhagwati locking the room. She thinks hiding the stick and hides the ticket inside the stick. Bhagwati asks where are they going. Rekha says its our house, we can do anything, why did you come to store room. Bhagwati says Surekha wanted to get utensils, she has locked and will give keys to Surekha.

Cheeni stops Panchi and takes her to have chaat. The kids come and say they will win and shout. Cheeni says Panchi will play and win the game. Panchi refuses. The kids request her to play. Vaishaili says the stick has gone again. Rekha says she always worries a lot. Mukund asks Vaishaili not to worry. Rekha says that room will not open so soon, think Titu’s fate also got locked with the room. Vaishaili says fine. Rekha leaves.

Titu gets the boys on his side and Panchi has the kids. The boy says they have captain and Cheeni asks him to call. He calls Titu. Panchi sees him and says she won’t play. The girls request her not to go. Titu asks why is she saying please, she is just angry and don’t care for anyone. Panchi says this game needs energy, he has to pick the cloth and run, will he get chair here and asks the boys to change their captain. Titu smiles and comes to her.

He ties her dupatta and asks her to manage it, and he will manage the victory. Sundar sees the teddy bears and smiles. Bhagwati apologizes to him as she misunderstood him, hurt him a lot, when he was bringing mum and dad’s happiness, will he become his mum’s friend again. She holds her ears and apologizes to him. She opens arms and calls him. Sundar runs to her and hugs her smiling. She happily cries. Keshav looks on and cries.

Everyone cheer for Titu and Panchi. Titu and Panchi try to get the cloth. Panchi says she will not lose, he will lose. Titu looks at her and the boy says they will lose. Titu says its hot and drinks water. He puts water on himself. Panchi says focus on game. He sprinkles the water on her face by shaking his head. She looks at him.

Titu holds Panchi’s hand. Tum mere aasmaan mere zameen ban gaye……….. plays……..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Precap!!!!! Wowwwww!!!; and good work titu!!!

  2. Richa (titli)

    Lovly pantu/tichi(yar sugst smthng) romance scenes ahead 🙂

  3. Titu,stop playing wit children.do sme work u lazy guy.

  4. love u titu and panchi. u are a super copule. vaishali and rekha are just irritating.


  6. Awesome precap….Jab panchhi ko pyaar hua tab titu nahi samaja but when she left him he understood her importance …..and fell in love……Now will surely bring panchhi home again and then go to Mumbai ….Pancchhi please maan jao thanks for the update

  7. Plzz update fast Amena

  8. Please update it fast Amena plzz

  9. Titchhi sounds better

  10. Or Titchhi

  11. Wat abt panti or chitu!!
    Both are short names so unable to get it!!

  12. s*xy priyansh jora…omg..roomaal scene

  13. Richa (titli)

    Ok titchi dne nd shabbu ys they r shrt names 4 titu+panchi

    1. ok done titchi is good!!

    2. Panchi and titu nickname chiti

  14. Richa (titli)

    Lol lykd dat beggar scene

  15. Pantu is betr bcoz on insta I made a page for all serials so der evry one call dem pantu n if u ppl r der on insta u can follow d pg telly_serials

  16. Awesum precap!!

  17. Titu was looking very hot in that scene in which he puts water on himself to impress Panchhi so that’s why the little girl said omg

  18. Titchhi rocks

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