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The Episode starts with Panchi saying its imp that Titu goes Mumbai. She asks Surekha to understand. Surekha says even I know how its his sole dream, I also want him to go, but Alankraj Maharaj can never be wrong. She cries and says my son and his happiness…. Maharaj says if you don’t respect my words, I will not stay here, I want to remind whatever I said is true, and Titu’s future is infront of me, you will lose him if you neglect this warning. Panchi asks Surekha not to believe all this, as man makes his fate by his hardwork, and her blessings will be with Titu. Govind says Maharaj is never wrong. Panchi says Lord gave this chance, Titu should try, please send him. Govind asks Surekha to value Titu.

Maharaj says I won’t proof I m true, I will leave. Surekha says I love my son’s

dreams, but my son is more imp to me. She says nothing is imp than him, he won’t go, and if he goes, he will go after a month. She tells Titu not to go from Mathura for a month. Vaishaili and Mukund smile. She apologizes to Maharaj and thanks him for the prediction, and ask him to stay here and do the puja for Titu’s stars. Maharaj agrees.

Panchi hugs Bhagwati and says I felt Surekha will help me. Bhagwati says Lord will help them. Panchi gets a cheque and says one lakh rs donation to ashram, Govind went to give it yesterday and thinks. Panchi talks to Govind and asks why did he go to donate money to ashram, yesterday. He says she is smart and he can’t hide anything. He says he went to Alankraj and went to ashram, praying to Lord that Titu should not go to Mumbai, and donated 1 lakh, seeing Maharaj meditating there. He says he will donate more money if any miracle happens. Maharaj smies hearing him.

Govind tells Panchi that when he signed on Titu’s paper, he has thought to stop Titu by this way, and he made her and Surekha a hurdle for her, he did this to stop Surekha from supporting Titu. He says Surekha won’t care of Titu’s dreams if danger comes on him, and he has used superstition, Surekha has wasted much money in such ashrams and saints, I knew Alankraj Maharaj is not any saint, or duping money, I knew he will do my work, I bear him for Surekha’s happiness, she gives money to them and I used the same idea to stop Titu.

Panchi says you are doing wrong, you are Titu’s father and ruining his dreams. He says no, I m stopping him from sorrows. He says you have to convince Surekha, its possible when you expose Maharaj’s true face infront of Surekha, when I tried to expose him, she did not believe me, if you do this, I promise I will let Titu go Mumbai. Panchi says she will fight with Surekha’s superstition. He says you don’t know her strong belief. She says you don’t a wife’s strong belief, if I can change Titu, I can expose many such saints.

Alankraj Maharaj talks to everyone. Panchi sees Surekha has given lots of dry fruits, money and many things to Mahraj. Surekha asks Maharaj to say the story, of Mayna Sundari. He tells them and everyone sit hearing him. Panchi says its an inspiring story.

Surekha says every problem gets easy. Panchi stands up and takes Surekha’s blessings. She says I want to become Titu’s strength and fulfill his dreams. Surekha says I can’t bless you when Maharaj is here. He asks Surekha to bless her, being elder. Surekha blesses her. Panchi thinks Surekha will be hurt, but she has to expose Maharaj. She thanks him, and says you did many favors, its time to pay for it. She gives him Prasad.

Panchi goes to Titu and says she has to talk to him. She says maybe you will find it weird, first listen to me and trust me. He asks whats the secret, did you choose anyone else. She says its serious. He says fine, tell me. She says Maharaj is not any saint, he is fraud and greedy. Govind did this to stop you from going to Mumbai. He asks what is she saying. She says Maharaj preaches money.

He asks her to think again. She says I know, Govind told me that he donated 1 lakh and told Mahraj that he will give 10 lakh, he said if I expose Maharaj, he will permit you to go to Mumbai. Titu says Maharaj always saved our family, you are mistaken, Maharaj did not ask for money, and Surekha has given this by belief. Panchi says why did gifts go in money. He says if she is true, there has to be proof. She says she will get proof and wants time. She asks him to trust her, and he agrees. She thanks him.

Titu and Panchi go and invite many pandits.

Update Credit to: Amena

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