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The Episode starts with Govind shouting out Pinky. He shows her the pic in paper and asks whats this. She gets shocked seeing it. Rekha and everyone see it. Rekha says its same guy, who met her at temple. Govind scolds her for keeping quiet. Rekha scolds Pinky. Pinky cries. Rekha says she did not think about her widow mum, she has ruined their respect. Bhagwati asks her to calm down. Rekha says I asked Pinky not to do this, and she did not listen to me. Titu and Panchi come home. Govind says Rekha did not tell me before, no one dared to see Pinky and today they are talking about her.

The people see the news and gossip. Surekha gets call and lady taunts her about Pinky. Rekha says she is my daughter, she did not think about me. Titu and Panchi read the news. Rekha cries and says I did big mistake

to send her to Agra to study. She asks Pinky to answer and scolds her. She says I told you I will get you married and send you to your home, she did not leave me to live, who will marry her now. Surekha calms down Rekha.

Panchi asks the neighbors to go to their home and shuts the door. Titu says Pinky is a girl, don’t beat her, we will ask Pinky about this, whats the truth. Panchi asks Pinky to say, don’t be afraid, we are family and will try to understand you, do you like that guy. Sudheer comes there and says I like Pinky. They all get shocked seeing him. Sudheer comes with his mum. He says Pinky and I love each other, and we met yesterday by Radhika’s help. The lady says he is Sudheer’s mum and asks for Pinky’s hand. Govind says sorry, we are good family and can’t link relations like this, how can we give daughter to any stranger, this marriage can’t happen.

Titu asks Pinky is she agreeing to this relation, does she love Sudheer. Pinky sees Rekha crying and recalls her words. She nods. Sudheer and his smile. Titu hugs Pinky and asks Govind to accept this proposal if Pinky is happy, he is with Titu. Govind says I can’t agree, as this way is wrong. Titu says relation should be right, couples are made from Lord, and tells about him and Panchi. He tells about Mukund and Vaishaili, Bhagwati and Keshav, they all are happy today, two hearts should meet. He says I agree that Pinky’s relation is happening soon, but we will make it perfect. Panchi asks Govind to agree.

Mukund says I don’t agree to this proposal. Surekha says no, we agree to this proposal. Sudheer thanks her. Goving also gives his nod and they all smile. Surekha asks Rekha to say yes. Rekha says yes, when you are finding it right, its my yes also. Panchi asks Pinky to be happy. Surekha welcomes Sudheer’s mum. Sudheer gets happy. Panchi takes Pinky’s pics and sees her crying. She thinks why is Pinky crying, she is marrying the guy she likes, why is she upset. Sudheer’s mum asks for marriage in two days. Surekha says it will be so soon. The lady says we have to answer the world, we can’t do marriage after Sudheer’s Dada’s shraddh till 3 months. Govind agrees and says we have seen many dreams, but anyways we will manage.

Sudheer says my family has just me and my parents, we will call relatives in marriage. Govind agrees and says we will keep engagement tomorrow, and marriage after 2 days. Surekha says Golu will manage everything. Panchi sees Pinky sad. Surekha advises thm to stay at their home till marriage. The lady agrees happily. Sudheer winks Pinky and she turns. Pinky goes from there. Rekha says she got shy.

Panchi tells Titu that Pinky is sad, she is noticing that Pinky is upset since many days. He says maybe she is tensed by newspaper matter. She says yes, I hope so. Surekha calls Panchi. Titu stops Panchi and asks her to smile. She smiles and she says she will just come. She goes. Vaishaili likes the 40 inches tv and asks the price. He says its worth 2 lakhs, I told my friend that I will pay money next month, he has kept diamond ring mortgaged, its matter of one month, he will get it in one month. She says you should thank me, you got smart.

He says he will feel tensed, mum should not know this. She says don’t worry, mum just wants laddoos, thanks for gift, don’t disturb me now, I have to see my fav tv show and learn acting. Surekha and ladies see the sarees and asks Rekha to buy as many as she wants, they will do marriage grand like they always thought. Rekha smiles and thanks her for the support in her children’ upbringing. Surekha says no need to say this, I always regarded you my younger sister, Pinky is the only daughter, all are our children. Vaishaili jokes on Rekha. Rekha says Surekha’s love is enough for her, and reminds Vaishaili what she got from them, and even that diamond ring. Vaishaili worries that Rekha can ask for ring.

Titu comes and sits there. Sundar says we will play hide and seek. Titu says we will play as before, bring binoculars. Bhagwati says she understands, Titu wants to see Panchi. Titu asks Sundar to go and hide. He gets shocked seeing something.

Pinky cries and throws the bangles. Titu comes to her and Pinky gets shocked. Titu and Bhagwati look at her sadly.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. aaaj ka epi boring tha i want more titu panchi scens

  2. M sick of such shows that make the innocent girls victims of such viscous crimes committed by guys..atleast make a decent grils who can stand up for themselves.

  3. I agree pallavisharma. I want to see more of them too

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