Tu Mera Hero 27th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Tu Mera Hero 27th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Titu and Ruhi reaching the shooting set. Titu meets some people and dons the Bhishma pitama costume. He goes to meet Ruhi in her vanity and stops. He asks a man to open the door. Ruhi gets hurt and the doctor checks her. Titu asks Ruhi not to overburden herself. He makes her smile and jokes. She tells him how Dilip cheated her, she did not realize its not true love. Titu asks her to chill. She asks does he still love her. Titu is stunned and smiles. He says its tough question, what will he answer her. She says I m sorry, I did not value your love, so maybe this happened.

She says she wants to rectify this mistake now. Titu says a small child story and entertains her, saying it was not her mistake. She laughs and he smiles wiping her tears. She thinks Titu worries for

her like before, it means he still loves her, maybe this is called true love.

Manorama asks Chetan why is he thinking so much. Chetan asks about Titu’s shop. She asks him to sign the papers and send it. She smiles as he signs it. Panchi asks the cow to be friendly with her and talks to it. She asks Khushi, the cow to act well and not scare her. She feeds the cow and gets scared. She says Ruhi and this cow are troubling me, what should I do, I will call Titu and know where is he. She says no, he will get disturbed, and I can’t talk like typical doubting wives.

Surekha talks to Vaishaili. Bhagwati comes to Panchi and gives some tips to get along well with the cow and asks her to talk to Surekha once. Vaishaili shows a cloth to Surekha, she made for the cow and Surekha likes it. Pratibha comes there. Panchi goes to talk to Surekha. She says where did everyone go, no one is there at home. She goes downstairs again and sees her mum. Pratibha sees the cows and worries for Panchi, knowing she is afraid of animals.

Panchi manages the cow and Pratibha looks on. Panchi says Surekha has got them from Maharaj. Pratibha asks why did she ask you to manage cows, when she knows she is afraid of animals. Panchi asks what, how will she know. Pratibha says she came with Vaishaili two days before and I told her about your fear, how can she do this, I will talk to her. Panchi stops her and says don’t talk to anyone. Pratibha says is there anything here, tell me.

Panchi says no, don’t tell anyone, I have to be strong, I will manage. She says sorry to ask you to leave, but go home, I will talk later. Pratibha says fine, we are always with you, don’t feel you are alone, take care. She gives the shagun for Akshaya tritiya and hugs Panchi. She leaves. Panchi thinks. Manorama tells Rachna to talk to Chetan and behave like IAS officer’s wife. She shows the shooting going on in Mathura and asks will she not go. Rachna says she does not like. Manorama asks her to go, Chetan will be glad. Rachna says fine, I will come.

Chetan asks where. Manorama signs Rachna. Rachna says she wants to go to shooting, and says she is his wife and high status, she will go with mum. Manorama smiles. Panchi gets sad thinking how Surekha madw her manage cows. She cries and says I told her everything and apologized, why did she do this.

Vaishaili stains a cloth and Surekha looks on. Vaishaili tells the plan when the cow will run after Panchi. Surekha says I will take it and they are shocked seeing Panchi there. Surekha gets tensed and Vaishaili enjoys seeing the drama. Titu and Ruhi are on the way and se falls on him by the jerk. She smiles and talks to him, asking can’t they always be together. He says about Panchi. She says but you don’t love her, you should be with someone whom you love.

Panchi confronts Surekha why did she use her fears, why did she do this, what does this mean, she regarded her mum and she cheated her, why. Surekha says the one who cheats others, also get cheated, who is she to teach her. She says she did not wish to cheat her, but she made her helpless, why did she ditch her and plan with Govind. She says I regarded you my daughter and I have seen you going against me and my son, was this not a cheat, tell me, you played with my emotions, did you not break my trust. Panchi says I was….

Surekha asks her to be quiet. She praises Titu and says he is perfect. Panchi says she wanted him to work hard and not be lazy. Surekha gets angry and scolds her. Panchi says there is no respect without work. She explains her why she did this this, every wife dreams that her husband works hard and she gets proud to have his earnings, she just wanted Titu to get respect. Surekha warns her. Panchi cries.

Ruhi asks Titu to run with her. Titu says yes, I should leave Panchi as you love me a lot, you are my first love. Ruhi smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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