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The Episode starts with Titu trying to convince Panchi. She shuts the door. He leaves many lovely notes for her and she smiles reading it. He asks will she not forgive him and gives her roses. He promises he will never hurt her heart. She agrees and he serves her the meal. She smiles seeing the decorations. She warns him not to do any such thing again. He promises and hugs her.

Its morning, Surekha and Bhagwati hear music from Hema’s home. Govind comes dancing and Surekha stops him. She scolds him. He sits to read paper and shouts Titu. Titu says he did not do anything and asks whats the matter. Govind asks did he say yes for a new work. He asks why did Titu agree to be chief guest in Ganesh visarjan. Titu says I did not say. MLA calls him and says I knew you would say yes, so come with

family tomorrow, I will be waiting. Titu asks them to hear, he is pure, he did not do anything. Govind says we will not go.

Panchi says no, Titu has to go else people will think Titu is throwing tantrums, we will teach that MLA a lesson by going in Ganesh Visarjan. They all agree. MLA comes in the function. MLA welcomes their chief guest Titu on stage. People cheer for him. Titu says I m thankful to MLA for giving me so much respect and you all gave me love, thanks. Panchi takes MLA’s permission and says she wants to tell something. She says she is Titu’s wife and talks to everyone on mic. She says she wants to share something.

She says she is proud to say the MLA does not deserve to be called a human, as he is Lord’s angel, he did injustice with kids mistaken, but when he has seen the kids’ state, he gave them scholarships. They all clap. MLA says this is my duty. Panchi says MLA thought to give scholarships to everyone, he kept this function, he will donate 1 lakh for Titu every 2min performance. MLA gets shocked.

Titu and Panchi smile. Titu says loved ones are helpful to each other. MLA smiles as people praise him. Titu performs on Deva Shree Ganesh song. The act goes long and MLA gets worried. Everyone cheer for Titu. Panchi passes the cheques of 1 lakh every 2 mins. MLA goes to Govind and asks whats all this. Govind says Titu is dancing, loved ones help each other. MLA asks Govind to stop Titu, he has understood his mistake and apologizes, if Titu dances like this, I will lose all money. Govind laughs and stops Titu. They all come home. Panchi says It was so much fun. Bhagwati says MLA has understood his mistake. They all laugh.

Pari reads the tarots. Surkeha cries thinking she will die. Panchi tells Titu that Surekha looks worried.

Update Credit to: Amena

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