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The Episode starts with Sundar leaving. Surekha asks Bhagwati to think again. Bhagwati says she can’t let Sundar get spoiled. Rekha starts acting and says she loves Sundar a lot. Keshav brings rickshaw. Vaishaili thinks Rekha is acting, but why. Rekha asks Bhagwati to undertsand, she will regret later. Surekha says Rekha is right. Rekha asks Vaishaili to keep bag back in room.

Keshav says we have to go. Rekha says Sundar can go tomorrow, how will I live without him. Sundar cries. Rekha signs Vaishaili to go to room. Vaishaili thinks she is very clever. Bhagwati says Sundar will go today. She stops Vaishaili and says she is Sundar’s mum. Rekha says she is Sundar’s Dadi and loves her a lot. Bhagwati takes the bag. Sundar cries and hugs Surekha. The bag opens and falls down. Rekha and Vaishaili

see the ticket in it. Bhagwati also sees it and gets puzzled.

Panchi cries in her room and thinks about Titu. She says she wanted to trust Titu again. She wipes her tears and sees tv, when Pratibha comes to her. Pratibha asks is she fine. Panchi says she was seeing tv. Cheeni looks on. Pratibha goes and Panchi cries. Bhagwati gets Sundar’s diary and reads it. He writes that he wants to see Bhagwati and Keshav happy, Dadi told him that if I fight and misbehave, you will send me to hostel and mum and dad will patchup, Dadi told me that mum will get sad if I stay here, so I have to go. She cries. Rekha gets tensed.

Vaishaili takes the ticket. Surekha asks Rekha whats all this. Bhagwati hugs Sundar. She asks Rekha how can she fall so low, how can she make her away from her son being a mother. Bhagwati asks Rekha to see. Vaishaili smiles. Rekha says they are misunderstanding her, she said she will not send Sundar, how can she do this. Surekha asks Sundar to tell did Rekha ask him to do this. Sundar says I wanted to see mum happy, so I did this, its not Dadi’s mistake. Rekha says she did not do anything.

Bhagwati says its my mistake to doubt on you, forgive me. Keshav says mum you made my son bend, you did wrong. Rekha defends herself. Bhagwati asks her not to explain anything to Sundar. Govind comes and asks whats happening here, will anyone say. Surekha says Sundar will stay with us, and not go to hostel. Govind hugs Sundar and says he is my only grandson, kids are happiness of the home.

Titu comes and beats the plate. Govind says Titu… Nikhattu………….plays………… Titu tells Surekha that she has given him birth twice and made him human, she made him realize that he is incomplete. He says he is in love with Panchi. Titu says he has understood no one can think for a child more than parents, my dad is best. He thanks Surekha for making him a good man, Panchi will be proud to say Tu Mera Hero. He laughs and says you all are shocked, I understood this very late, now its clear.

He says he has told inlaws that he will get Panchi home, he will bring Panchi soon. Rachna asks Panchi where is her pink bag. Panchi says maybe here. She looks for it. Panchi comes to the small home where she and Titu used to live before. Titu comes there and smiles. He lifts her and says he is taking her most valuable thing. She gets down and he says how will she end her love. She says he will not matter to her now. Their marriage pics fall from her bag. He smiles. Bin tere………….plays…………. She leaves. He says essence of love can’t hide.

Panchi says its game of running, and challenges him. He smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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