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The Episode starts with Pandit ji giving Prasad to everyone. Titu and Panchi smile. Govind asks Golu how did the miracle happen, how did Titu come up. Golu says he came by stairs. Govind says then why did he not lit diyas. Golu says his mind works as wheel. FB shows Titu seeing a crane and talking to the crane worker to lift him and drop him upstairs. Golu requests and the man agrees. Titu gets the crane lift and gets to the top. Titu asks Golu to come by stairs. Golu says don’t worry, I m coming after you. Titu then goes to Panchi and lits the diyas.

Govind is shocked knowing the crane chapter and says its really a miracle to change Titu. Panchi thinks to talk to Titu, and sees Titu’s shoes and thinks he is there. She takes the shoes and Golu does not get them. She gives the shoes to

Titu and he smiles as she thanks him. She says she has to tell something. Titu asks her to say it together. She says she wants to pose good like all famous movies.

She tells her plans and he is tensed thinking its big work for him. Titu thinks how to manage now. Bhagwati and Keshav see in each other eyes and walk. He slips and she holds him. Few men see them and tease, as he is handicapped and needs wife’s support. Keshav gets angry. The man asks Bhagwati to stare at him and flirts. She asks them to leave and the man stops her.

The goons tease her and laugh. He says come with us, leave this handicapped man, he does not deserve you. Keshav gets beaten up and Bhagwati asks is he much hurt. She slaps the man and Keshav is shocked. She cries and says he is not handicapped, your thinking is handicapped, to see a woman by dirty eyes, my husband works hard for family.

She says no one can be equal to him and says next time, if you tease any girl, you will not be able to walk. The people scold the goons and they leave. Bhagwati asks Keshav is he fine, and cries. She takes him home, while he is stunned seeing her love. Surekha tells Govind that Panchi wants to pose pics at many places, and how will Titu manage to go. She suggests some easy locations.

Govind asks Surekha why did she give birth to Titu, when she can’t see him doing any work and why did she have this mannat for him, even Panchi has some dreams. Titu says I can’t even complete her half dreams. Panchi says she will make Titu complete all her dreams, everything is possible for him. Titu says its possible, but not in one birth and jokes again. Surekha tells about her and Govind’s time and how smart he looked in his young days.

Govind says she has changed a lot and became fat, and says its about Panchi and her dreams now. Surekha says she will talk to Panchi and stop her from hurting his legs. Panchi asks Rachna did she see what Titu did in temple, I know he will do anything for me. Rachna agrees and says but your idea is very filmi and family is also here. Panchi says yes, but I m also filmi. Rachna says you feel Titu will obey your order, he may feel odd infront of everyone. Panchi says impossible, the guy who can save my life infront of everyone, and get romantic to meet me on haldi, who enters in marriage in cart, he can do anything.

Surekha says he can’t do this. Govind asks her to think about Panchi’s dreams. He asks Titu to give Panchi what she is asking for, and asks Surekha not to stop him. Mukund and Vaishaili come to her dad and get scolded. She asks him to accept them and he refuses. She asks her mum to explain her dad, and she asks him to accept them. Her dad says fine, but I have one condition. Mukund says tell me. Her dad says you married her against my wish, and now you have to give something in return. Mukund says whatever you say. Her dad says you have to saty here as my Ghar Jamai. Mukund smiles as its gift for him, even he wanted this.

Govind sends Panchi and asks Titu to get up and tells his plan in his ears. Titu smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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